Month: <span>August 2018</span>

Genee C – “Noche De Reggae” Featuring KB Magnus

Genee C – “Noche De Reggae” Featuring KB Magnus – Single Review From the new music label known as Fire & Desire Records, artist Genee C is back on our pages!  Last time we had her up here was earlier in the year in May on a single released called “Bat Man” – and even […]Read More

Freeana – A Child’s Trust

Freeana – A Child’s Trust – Album Review I hear what you’re up to over there Freeana…and I think it’s quite admirable. There are millions of musicians, bands, and artists that create music daily…we all know that.  But if you were to take that same number and ask them to answer honestly about just how […]Read More

BIG KIDD – Singles

BIG KIDD – Singles Review Whoa!  Dude’s got his name in all capitals for a reason…rapper BIG KIDD is ready to yell at the world and get a few thangs off his chest.  With intense rhymes that can go just as emotionally deep as they can twist & turn quickly into your worst back-alley beatdown […]Read More

Cory M. Coons – The Long Road Home Sampler

Cory M. Coons – The Long Road Home – Album Sampler/Singles Review According to legend, Cory M. Coons has been out there making music since he was about thirteen years-old.  Kind of a relevant fact…though I have absolutely no idea how old he is now…but what I can tell ya, is he latched onto the […]Read More

Mouse Dog Bird – Looks Like You’ve Reached The End

Mouse Dog Bird – Looks Like You’ve Reached The End – EP Sampler/Singles Review Alrighty…from the looks of things, we’ve got ourselves a new Indie/Experimental band entering the scene with Mouse Dog Bird out of Phoenix, Arizona.  A two-piece band consisting of Johnny Raincloud and Jarod Land…according to the main bio, you’ve got Johnny bringing […]Read More

Mikkee – “I Want You More”

If you think you got troubles, y’aint.  Mikkee’s whole ‘face is gone‘ on the new single “I Want You More” – so just try to imagine dealing with that!  In a chilled-out atmosphere, the versatile entertainer floats hazily along debating his own existence with a stylistic sound infused into the vibe & music surrounding him.  […]Read More

King Shaolin – Play Against The Rules

King Shaolin – Play Against The Rules – Album Review So…let me catch you up on the details of King Shaolin before we jump into the details on the new record Play Against The Rules…this story is moving quickly – it’s important to get onboard before this train permanently leaves the station and we all […]Read More

Ben Green – “No Regrets”

Ben Green – “No Regrets” – Single Review Ben Green back on the scene…crushin’ 2018. We’ve been checking out singles from this cat both on the page and in behind the scenes while he’s been refining his style and busting out into the music-scene simultaneously this year.  We talked about his last single “High Notes” […]Read More


Firstdub, The Best Online Music Platform? Firstdub is fast becoming one of the best online music platforms for music creators to connect with music buyers. Firstdub has a simple vision, to give music creators greater control and an income from their music, whilst at the same time, creating a large and diverse music library for […]Read More

0202 – The Pit (Live @ The Railway Club 2015)

These champions!  The twin badasses in heavy-rock/grunge-band The Pit filled in a bill with Blackout Lights opening up for Aztec returning to The Railway Club in 2015 – both openers on short notice, coming through like complete heroes at the last minute and crushing their sets for a crowd full of thirsty beer-swizzlin’ music-fans.  It […]Read More

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