Month: <span>August 2018</span>

JoeyNiles – “Death Has No Friends”

JoeyNiles – “Death Has No Friends” – Music Video Release/Review Well now…this is exciting! Longstanding readers of our pages know that even though I’m not a religious dude myself, religion & music are still one of my favorite topics and I’m always interested in exploring what this genre has to offer through via the perspective […]Read More

Far From Final – Crossing The Sun

Far From Final – Crossing The Sun – Album Review I dig a lot of what I’m hearing in this new record from Far From Final – you might have even caught a few of my thoughts on this project from W. A. Wyatt on the last episode of the SBS Podcast when I was […]Read More

Christopher T & Mr. V – “The Perfect Plan”

Christopher T & Mr. V – “The Perfect Plan” – Single Review Lovely Drops recording artist and musical multi-talent Christopher T is back in the house y’all!  A brand-new hypnotic electro rhythm & groove for you all to move to, “The Perfect Plan” is about to be hatched this summer to pull you onto the […]Read More

Saba Brothers – “Walk Away”

Saba Brothers – “Walk Away” – Single Review Talk about a tight lineup!  Three brothers, one band! Probably pretty tough to crack into this band unless you’ve got biology working in your favor – but on the bright-side of things, they’ve clearly already got everything they need between the three of them.  The new single […]Read More

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