Month: <span>April 2018</span>

Jeremiah Wilson – “Winter Came Early That Year”

Jeremiah Wilson – “Winter Came Early That Year” – Single Review If you’re living in Canada like we are right now, this new single from Jeremiah Wilson is more than appropriate for the right here & now.  Not even kidding, it’s almost May at this point and I think there’s still about another day or […]Read More

Rob Ashley – “The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever”

Rob Ashley – “The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever” – Single Review Delicate & tender sounds float through the gentle melody of “The Drugs Didn’t Last Forever,” the brand-new single from Rob Ashley and his new record Premiere. Farewell..  Kind of an odd magic in this indie-folk tune really…the more I checked this out & listened […]Read More

Raw Inked – “New Wave”

From the brand-new EP I’m Raw 3 – Raw Inked brings the party right into the crib in the new video for his single “New Wave” – for reals…this emcee is feelin’ the vibe, surrounded in booty – even in the kitchen this guy knows how to get down!  Expertly shot by 30M Productions, tons […]Read More

0197 – The Penske File Album II

Out of Burlington, Ontario – The Penske File has a brand-new record called Salvation that has just been released in 2018…go get yourself some of that!  Awesome to see James, Alex, and Travis still kicking ass in the music-scene…The Penske File generates a ton of well-deserved buzz every time they put something out or plug […]Read More

Dynamos – “Stainless”

Dynamos – “Stainless” – Single Review Well Dynamos, here we are again!  A little time, a little more experience with the music, a brand-new video…all these things are helping paint a more solid picture of the band we were introduced to here at the pages through their single “Shake, Rattle & Roll” in October last […]Read More

Track The Kid – “Deep Web”

Dope cut from beatmaker Track The Kid, putting the work into a highly unique trap-style track that has an otherworldly amount of sonic depth in its atmosphere.  Check this out!  This beat stands loud & proud on its own…but you know when those rappers come out for an instrumental, they’re going to be after Track […]Read More

Suburban Vermin – “Save Me” / Issue #0

Suburban Vermin – “Save Me” / Issue #0 – Single Review For real…every time I check out what Suburban Vermin is up to they’ve got something awesome on the go.  I mean…it’s only my second experience with the music/art combo they’ve got goin’ on, but all indications point to a limitless well of creativity & […]Read More

Kinship – “Love You Like That”

Kinship – “Love You Like That” – Music Video Release/Review Damn!  Homies…I ain’t gonna lie to ya – you made some tears fall from my face this morning.  This new video from Kinship is powerful stuff to say the very least…to be completely straight-up, what they’ve created here on their new single “Love You Like […]Read More

Lates – “Just Hit Me”

Lates – “Just Hit Me” – Music Video Release/Review The guitar riffs come out bursting from the seams of the latest single “Just Hit Me” from Belgrade-based rock band Lates…and from the moment you push play on this cut, they are more than ready to entertain on their latest track, an offering from their brand-new […]Read More

The Dark Scene Rises

…stolen straight off the desk of the underworld…we’ve snatched some breaking news on bands you gotta hear to believe… Los Angeles Dark Music Scene Rises Again It’s been years – a lot of years – since Mötley Crüe’s Shout at the Devil came out: it was 1983, amidst the glory days of Heavy Metal. Los […]Read More