Month: <span>April 2018</span>

Deltiimo & Marley Blandford – “On My Own Again”

Deltiimo & Marley Blandford – “On My Own Again” – Single Review Check this out…this quote comes directly from the Deltiimo page at Facebook, posted up just today, regarding the new single they’ve just put out with singer Marley Blandford – it reads:  “We have actually lost count of how many playlists of all sorts, […]Read More

Ansonix – “Fully Armoured”

Ansonix – “Fully Armoured” – Single Review Well it’s about time!  A lil’ something for the 8-bit fans out there in 2018 – Ansonix is set to release the brand-new single “Fully Armoured” officially this Friday on the 27th.  If you’re a fan of vibrant electro, if you’re a fan of classic cartridge games from […]Read More

Seth Hilary Jackson – “If Love Had A Butt”

Need a track that’s guaranteed to have you grinnin’ by the time the very first line is sung?  Seth Hilary Jackson is here to supply.  This new single/video for “If Love Had A Butt” is all-out musical FUN…and likely, a sentiment that many out there will surely relate to as well.  Seth brilliantly combines insightful […]Read More

I Am Justified – “She Wants” Featuring Layvon

Man!  Right from the intro of this video you can tell the work has been put into creating a quality experience! Representing the Something Serious Music Group, aka SSMG – I Am Justified & Layvon come out sounding smooth on this cut designed for the lovers out there, and the video from Blase’ Santana Films […]Read More

Chris Nole – Melodies Of Grace

Chris Nole – Melodies Of Grace – EP Review Let’s be clear.  If it wasn’t for the sheer amount of music that Chris Nole has already put out over the years, or the fact that there’s an entire songbook for his latest EP with all the music written out, then it would have certainly been […]Read More


Straight from the official desk at PunkPit… Support the new site build for the stand alone website where we will be promoting ALL unsigned Punk Bands For Greater exposure and Punk Gig Promotion! #PunkMusic #PunkRock #PunkRockBowling #NOFX #Descendents #Misfits #Ramones #GreenDay #Blink182 In our words, from our point of view… Community is an important […]Read More

Bobby Bofman – “Plus One”

Bobby Bofman – “Plus One” – Single Review It was only a little over a month ago that we were first introduced to the music of Bobby Bofman through a handful of singles that demonstrated his classic sound & genuine songwriter’s approach.  The results were favorable…the man does a great job with his writing & […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 090

Come check out a chaotic set from FÜ KON RIOTS at SBS in 2015 – stick around for new info on a rad site coming up to support the Punk music scene and a promo-vid from!Read More

Collegians – “Killer”

Collegians – “Killer” – Single Review You know something I love?  I love it when I go to a band’s social media pages and find that they’re so incredibly active that it takes several scrolls of a mouse-wheel just to get to the end of the previous week.  Collegians have plenty of reason to be […]Read More

Freshbillz – “The Playoffs”

Freshbillz – “The Playoffs” – Single Review Certainly the right time of year for this cut to come out…I don’t see/hear any reason why the Houston Rockets wouldn’t want this as part of their soundtrack as they roll through to the final & win it this year.  I have no idea if Freshbillz is anywhere […]Read More