Raw Inked – “New Wave”

 Raw Inked – “New Wave”

From the brand-new EP I’m Raw 3 – Raw Inked brings the party right into the crib in the new video for his single “New Wave” – for reals…this emcee is feelin’ the vibe, surrounded in booty – even in the kitchen this guy knows how to get down!  Expertly shot by 30M Productions, tons of energy from the main man himself – Raw Inked is clearly livin’ the life and amped-up to give you a taste of how he’s livin’ through the scenes in the video.  If you got love for the art of twerkin’ – you’ll want to take a minute or two and check this video out…like…a whole bunch.  On behalf of Raw Inked – you’re welcome.

Find out more about Raw Inked at his official Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/RAwINked/



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