Month: <span>April 2018</span>

D.Ni.L – “GLUE”

D.Ni.L – “GLUE” – Single Review I’ll put it to you this way…between the name of this project and some of the extremely clever lyrics that run through the rap/rock combination of D.Ni.L’s latest single “GLUE” – I’m not the wordsmith here by comparison.  This guy could write circles around me, I have no doubt […]Read More

The RA-6600 – “Girl Pop”

The RA-6600 – “Girl Pop” – Music Review Tough one for me for sure!  The RA-6600 is one of those projects out there that I always look forward to seeing pop into my inbox…the music has always been such a refreshing dose of pure melodic sweetness over the years and we’ve featured them on our […]Read More

Mikäel – “Underground”

Mikäel – “Underground” – Music Video Release/Review There’s definitely something special at work here…a professional patience you can hear in the approach from singer/songwriter Mikäel that is undeniably powerful and every bit as captivating to listen to on his new single “Underground.”  Remarkably chilled-out, bold where the energy needs it – you can genuinely hear […]Read More

$tevo – Angels With Dirty Faces

Check out these rhymes!  Confident and extremely capable, rapper $tevo takes you through the dank & dark of menace & mayhem through atmospherically intense beats and wickedly rhythmic & complex, thought-provoking rhymes stylistically designed to perfectly match the vibe of the music.  Using pure skill and tons of added ingenuity in the effects, production, and […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “HillBilly Blues”

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – “HillBilly Blues” – Singles Review Life post-Greenbah already!  I tell ya…Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders never seem to sleep.  Since first listening to the Australia-based band’s album The Last Of The Originals in 2014, I’ve almost lost count of how many times I’ve reviewed them since.  It’s […]Read More

Lalisa – “3 Da Hard Way” (Live Featuring Dawn Duchess

The chronicles of rapper Dawn Duchess continue…check out the latest info on what’s good homies! Recently a tribute to Females in HipHop went down in South Carolina @ the Annual Family Day Festival.  One of Columbia’s own talents, Lalisa, introduced the crowd to 2 more femcees during her live set of “3 Da Hard Way”!  […]Read More

Gia – “U”

Highly impressive cut and perfectly shot video – the stunning new single “U” from Gia is all the proof you need to know she’s arrived for her moment in the spotlight.  Confidently taking you through a personal love-song, the Miami, Florida-based singer sounds spectacular on “U,” bringing the words to life with real emotion and […]Read More

Vibe Riot – Vibe Riot Record Sample

Vibe Riot – Vibe Riot Album Sampler – Singles Review ‘Sweet raw honey from the Queen Bee.’  #Truth Got a sample from the new Vibe Riot record with four singles in review for ya – and right from the drop of “Raw Honey” featuring the talented vocals from Xe Jah’Twi dazzling the mic on the […]Read More

Daxuva & Nina Miranda – “Hummingbird”

Words cannot even begin to express how excited I am about what I’ve heard here on this debut single from Daxuva & Nina Miranda – this is Trip-Hop perfection and genuine art from beginning to end.  Seriously, as far as the genre is concerned, this already fits right in there with the best of the […]Read More

Gary Douglas Band – “River Road”

Gary Douglas Band – “River Road” – Single Review I couldn’t help but feel like there are likely quite a few people out there that would appreciate a song like “River Road” by the Gary Douglas Band.  If I’m being truthful, they ain’t millennials.  If I’m being even more truthful, so what?  It’s not a […]Read More