Month: <span>August 2016</span>

Chords Of Truth – “Freedom”

Chords Of Truth – “Freedom” – Single Review Having reviewed much of the music of Jason Garriotte in his project Chords Of Truth, it’s been great to hear different samples of what the man has been capable of in addition to listening to him grow and evolve his music-career as time marches on.  He’s definitely […]Read More

Suzi~Q – “Hell Is Coming To Breakfast”

Suzi~Q – “Hell Is Coming To Breakfast” – Single Review I wasn’t really sure what I was going to think about this one! Not only did I read somewhere along the way that Suzi~Q belongs somewhere around the realm of the rap/rock genre (which I look forward to about as much as Country music) but […]Read More

K$NG X Jason Rayn – 2 Rings

K$NG X Jason Rayn – 2 Rings – EP Review It definitely has nothing to do with these two guys running out of sounds and ideas…the combination of K$NG X Jason Rayn definitely have no shortage of those.  And it’s not anything to do with the confidence on the mic or the writing of the […]Read More

GiANT, The Artist – The Ocean

GiANT, The Artist – The Ocean – EP Review Certainly haven’t forgotten the impact this mixtape-master released the last time out when we reviewed GiANT, The Artist’s record HiberNation – that album smashed all-expectations and of course, raised-up the hopes and expectations for what might come next from this innovative creator.  Over nine-new tracks on […]Read More

Charles Wright – Something To Make You Feel Good

Charles Wright – Something To Make You Feel Good – Album Review Back again with Mr. Charles Wright venturing into solo-music aside from his role as leader of the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band – I was looking forward to what the man might come up with this time around.  A highly-skilled musician, we had […]Read More

0128 – Kyle Schepens Album II

As Kyle was refining his music, songwriting and talent as Kyle Truelove – we had the opportunity to talk with him in 2013 as he was first finalizing a move into what would become his permanent home, in the full-band Aztec.  Dropping the old-moniker and moving to his own name with confidence as Aztec’s lead-singer/guitarist […]Read More

The RA-6600 – Indiana Lights

The RA-6600 – Indiana Lights – EP Review What IS it about this band?  Why do The RA-6600 seem to always sucker me right into their pop-infused melodies like I can’t help myself otherwise? Let me give you an example, the opening tune/title-track “Indiana Lights” for instance.  I’m sitting here, trying to figure out what’s […]Read More

0127 – Closer Album III

After missing the cut in 2013 as a brand-new band auditioning for a spot in the 1000 day series from Rod Matheson on his EverydayMusicTV channel – we brought back Closer as veterans of the indie-scene by the time the opportunity came back around a year later.  This time we even conned the noise-rock champions […]Read More

0126 – Lung Flower (Live @ The Railway 2013) Album

Word on the street is that the Lung Flower crew is continuing to generate momentum following their recent release of their Effigy album and cross-Canada tour.  They’ll be playing the Bio Cup Canada Legends Valley music-festival later on this summer with headline act SUBLIME taking the main-stage.  Awesome to see these guys doing well and […]Read More

Phil Cooper – “You’re A Light”

Phil Cooper – “You’re A Light” – Single Review This was interesting. I was immediately impressed by the strong rhythm of the music in “You’re A Light” and the way the guitar-tones opened up Phil Cooper’s new single.  He’s got good ideas that certainly come through clearly in the verse and the backing vocals throughout […]Read More

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