Month: <span>August 2016</span>

Race Against Fate – “Guiding Light”

Race Against Fate – “Guiding Light” – Single Review It’s always a great thing to have the lyrics from Vik Kapur, the solo-artist that writes the material for his project Race Against Fate.  For the most part…I’ve always felt like I’ve had a solid grip on much of what he’s had to say…but he’s thrown […]Read More

Alx – Rise & Shine

Alx – Rise & Shine – Album Review Cool story that follows the music of Alx Kawakami…certainly a respectable one.  I’ll admit to a piece of the bio that caught my eye as I was reading first-off, because you all know I like to form my own opinions – but when I had started “Rise […]Read More

Drea Love – “Feeling Myself”

Drea Love – “Feeling Myself” – Single Review Hot stuff from Drea Love! I can definitely hear this fine lady is right in the groove and into the moment on “Feeling Myself” – and from what I hear in the sweet-toned electro-infused groove she’s got rolling in the music supporting her smooth, playful & sexy […]Read More

Lunar Woods – “Let’s Get Loud”

To accompany their brand-new record with a title of the same-name, Russian-based grunge-rock band Lunar Woods have released “Let’s Get Loud” as the first single from their latest album.  We’ve already had a chance to review the entire record in-full, you can check that out here…but before you do that, make sure to check out […]Read More

SBS Podcast 010

Incredible tunes in this week’s podcast! Check out new music from Kostis Chaveles, Acres Of Lions, Dylan Schneider, A Love Like Pi, Lunar Woods, Anxious Houseguest, Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, Corey Zaccari, AJTheKid, Aminita Satori – this episode’s stocked with music to make your weekend bounce with all the right energy. To become the […]Read More

AJTheKid – Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy

AJTheKid – Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy – EP Review If you were up on your latest episode of the SBS Podcast during the main-site’s downtime while we refreshed our entire website’s design – you’ll have heard a sample of AJTheKid during the show.  We played a cut from Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy called “Mob Anywhere” from his […]Read More

Crowd Control – “Paradox” Feat. Rodion G.A.

Crowd Control – “Paradox” Feat. Rodion G.A. – Single Review What a bizarre but entertaining composition! I mean for real…this new song “Paradox” from Crowd Control sounds like it has as much in common with post-punk music and Primus as it does with electro and pop – you tell me how that’s even possible! Truthfully…I’d […]Read More

Enoch – Nile Valley Music

Enoch – Nile Valley Music – EP Review The jazzy beat in Enoch’s opening tune “Let Freedom Ring” and the powerful sentiment of the words combined make for one heck of a beginning to this five-song set.  With the rhymes set in a deep reverb sound, Enoch snaps together complex rhymes that are thought-provoking, intense […]Read More