Month: <span>August 2016</span>

0130 – Overdose Album II

One of the first bands to reach out to us when the show started back in 2012 was the three-piece grunge-band Overdose.  Truthfully, they were still getting the project off the ground themselves…and we had a chance to catch a couple shows and begin recording their demo-sessions in sleepingbagstudios before the band unfortunately imploded a […]Read More

Tabitha Elkins – Upside Down World

Tabitha Elkins – Upside Down World – Album Review Interesting stuff from Tabitha here…she’s got an album that kind of plays like an open-book journal.  With various states of recordings and different methods clearly being applied to how the music is being made – Upside Down World is a great title for a record like […]Read More

Chris Davidson – “Song For Jann Wenner”

Chris Davidson – “Song For Jann Wenner” – Single Review I mean…if there’s a better musical-appeal to get one’s music into the pages of Rolling Stone than writing a song called “Song For Jann Wenner” I’d be interested in hearing it – I don’t see how you could do much better than dedicating a track […]Read More

1FM – Wish You Well

1FM – Wish You Well – EP Review Is this just one of those extraordinary days in my life where losing isn’t an option no matter what genre I seem to find myself listening to?  Methinks so at this point…amazing music continues to pour in through the speakers at every second here today and I’m […]Read More

Joe Lecrivain – Sing Along

Joe Lecrivain – Sing Along – EP Review Here is some real untapped, raw talent.  Joe Lecrivain – let me be the first to say…you’re the reason I get out of bed each day…you’re what this show is all about for me.  Pick any of the inspiring phrases that the televised talent shows use over […]Read More

Laura Ellis – Broken, Lovely

Laura Ellis – Broken, Lovely – Album Review If there’s one thing that my eyes have trained themselves to see – it’s a cover of “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence and the infamous wasted-talent of Amy Lee’s legacy.  I’ve been more than critical of such an incredible talent sitting on the sidelines after having […]Read More

The Source – I Feel I Need

The Source – I Feel I Need – Album Sampler Singles Review I got big respect for any band willing to put a warning label on their music playlist that reads ‘CAUTION: LISTEN ON GOOD SPEAKERS J’ – which is exactly what you’ll find at the top of the list at The Source’s main website.  […]Read More

0129 – The Pit (Live @ The Cellar 2013) Album

This night was a real victory despite all odds.  SBS pulled in a whole bunch of people to watch & listen to Vancouver’s hard-rock/grunge band The Pit @ The Cellar in 2013 – first time for the boys to play there and they were STOKED.  We not only managed to grab a whole crowd of […]Read More

SBS Podcast 011

Excellent tunes to bring in the energy. Feelin’ the burn of the midsummer grind…Jer @ SBS pulls out songs from the indie-catalog to bust you outta that funk – come get some! Music from Acres Of Lions, EMPRA, Marriage Material, Red Martian, Morning Fame and Trevino in addition to brand-new songs from Joseph Tonelli, Shellshock […]Read More

A Truth Called Nothing – The Orange Orangutan’s Revenge

A Truth Called Nothing – The Orange Orangutan’s Revenge – EP Review Well…just as I’d felt in the music of their last record and made predictions about A Truth Called Nothing – they’ve held true to their end of the bargain by continually keeping us guessing about which direction, twist & turn will come to […]Read More