Month: <span>August 2016</span>

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – “But I Love

William Elvin And The Circus Tour – “But I Love No One But You” – Single Review I’m guessing lots has changed for young William Elvin since the last time we had a chance to interview him on our pages.  Take for example…well…the very moniker of the name on the review here, William Elvin And […]Read More

Lockjaw Smile – The Jester

Lockjaw Smile – The Jester – EP Review Someone has clearly infiltrated the Lockjaw Smile camp…and I’d assume that it must be The Jester himself.  Of course…that’s just a theory I’m working with…but talk about a suspicious looking album-cover would you?  Looks harmless enough right? Well…I count four heads whereby anything you read or look […]Read More

Samurai Shin – Original Soundtrack

Samurai Shin – Original Soundtrack Review I can get behind this for all kinds of reasons.  First off – we’ve got ourselves a great combination of art + music here…and you KNOW I support that.  Samurai Shin is a new comic-book that’s just been released at the tail-end of August – just read the first […]Read More

0133 – The Breeders (Live @ The Commodore 2013)

Sometimes you end up in a situation before you even realize you’re there.  Important to note – there were no cameras or video-recording equipment allowed when The Breeders went on an anniversary tour of their iconic album Last Splash in 2013…but in absolute truth – unless you were paying attention to the internet and the […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 055

The final episode with our time from our interview with EverydayMusicTV‘s creator – Rod Matheson! With music/videos from his collection including The Wooden Sky and The Crooked, and including spotlights on Matthew Edwards And The Unfortunates and singer/songwriter Mike Contoni – check it out!Read More

SBS Podcast 012

We dig deep this week and discuss the merits of being a song-dude vs. an album-dude – check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast! Featuring amazing music from: Dave Childz – Count The Thief – Down Solo – 64 Hooligans – An Infinite Attraction – Into Bits – Joe Lecrivain – Mike Bee […]Read More

Mike Contoni – Here Comes The Weekend

Mike Contoni – Here Comes The Weekend – Album Review So what if it’s Monday!  If you’re like me and truly believe that time itself is a human-construct and don’t want to be limited by those confines – then join me in listening to Here Comes The Weekend!  Technically it’s not inaccurate to release this […]Read More

Chasing Jonah – “The Sentence”

Chasing Jonah – “The Sentence” – Single Review We’ve just passed our 1000th review at the page…and as we embark into the adventure of the 1000 to follow, I was stoked to find a new single from one of the most reliable sources of music out there in the independent music-scene – Chasing Jonah.  The […]Read More

0132 – Lindstrom And The Limit Album II

Really had a great time with these guys at the studio back in BC in 2015 – Aaron Lindstrom and a handful of musicians/supporters/management all came out to the studio for an interview/performance on SBS Live This Week and we spent the whole time in great conversation, laughing and chattin’ it up about what life […]Read More

Katrina Charles – Where This Began

Katrina Charles – Where This Began – EP Review Beautiful sounds from a beautiful place…good ol’ Seattle…my home away from home.  While Katrina Charles might have a different sound than what I’m typically used to reaching out to Seattle for – I’ve gotta say, she’s put together some gorgeous melodies and confident songs on her […]Read More