Month: <span>August 2016</span>

TICTO – “Waking You Up” Feat. Mara

TICTO – “Waking You Up” Feat. Mara – Single Review Not that I’m complaining about the quality, which has been excellent, but it’s nice to change up the vibe to something different here in the studio today…been listening to rap/hip-hop for much of my time reviewing this afternoon.  Here to brighten up the mood and […]Read More

James Younger – “The Show”

James Younger – “The Show” – Single Review Man!  It hasn’t been like…since…jeez…”I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince came out that I’ve heard a song being announced in like a title-fight!  Ahhhh…memories… Props to James Younger for the nostalgia trip he just sent me on. Also […]Read More

Bizznes – “Days In The East”

Bizznes – “Days In The East” – Single Review Sometimes I’ve gotta shake myself and remember what side of Canada I’m on now.  Like for instance, my natural instincts to start hatin’ when I see a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey just because I’m originally from Vancouver.  I don’t even watch hockey…that’s how deep-set the rivalry […]Read More

Shellshock Lullaby – A Lighter Shade

Shellshock Lullaby – A Lighter Shade – Album Review I was digging on the sounds of the background-vocals of Shellshock Lullaby even before the first song “I’ve Walked That Road” began to fully bloom.  Met with a sound that mixed the acoustic-vibes of tender indie moments like you’d find in the music of Superchunk mixed […]Read More

Mac Tre – “We Could”

Mac Tre – “We Could” – Single Review Definitely potential here…and I’m excited!  Mac Tre is a rapper/hip-hop artist from Alaska – and I don’t recall that I’ve written about music from that region yet!  All my life…sitting underneath it geographically-somewhat in British Columbia before our move out east to Ottawa, Ontario – yet I’ve […]Read More

0125 – Fey Album III

One of my favorite indie-grunge bands of all-time – we had the honor of interviewing Fey in 2013.  Currently kind-of sort-of maybe-a-little on pause – you can check out lead-singer Sam Caviglia’s new project called Salmon Friends releasing their first tunes soon.  In the meantime – check out the final album of shots from our […]Read More

Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – Mike Bee And

Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers – EP Review Here’s a project I’m proud to have been supporting and listening to for some time now – Mike Bee And The Dead Soldiers.  Behind the scenes, we’ve worked together on different concepts to bring the music to life onscreen […]Read More

Joseph Tonelli – “Lone Crow”/”Feather In My Hat”

Joseph Tonelli – “Lone Crow”/”Feather In My Hat” – Singles Review It’s not all that often that I get to brag about discovering an artist that’s been able to seriously impress me twice within the same year.  As busy as the independent music-scene is…even the best of writers out there often need that time away […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 053

Check out Part II of our time with Rod Matheson from EverydayMusicTV discussing his adventures throughout 1000 days of filming and posting unique bands/artists up to the internet. Spotlight on the grind of modern-day hip-hop artist Linkz and music/videos from Kat Hamill, Matthew Good & Dave Gould – check it out!Read More

Linkz – “Drama Free”/”Kick Rocks”

Linkz – “Drama Free”/”Kick Rocks” – Singles Review Linkz – what up! He shouted-out just about every person/place on the globe at the beginning of “Drama Free” – just figured I’d return the favor and start this review with a shout-out to the man behind the music, why not? Two new singles from a modern-day […]Read More

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