Month: <span>August 2015</span>

Lindstrom And The Limit – “Queen Anne”

Lindstrom And The Limit – “Queen Anne” – Music Video/Press Release Recorded from a live performance at the end of April earlier this year – Lindstrom And The Limit caught themselves a magic moment to be proud of when playing one of their newest tunes, “Queen Anne.” Depending on the angle the filming captures guitarist/vocalist […]Read More

Michael Blu – “Choka Clean”

Michael Blu – “Choka Clean” – Music Video Release As many of you already know through the recent review we did on his latest album Mr. Spaceman, we dig this guy and certainly support the inspiring way he goes about creating his music. Here in the video/single for “Choka Clean” you get a perfect example […]Read More

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – The Night Creeper

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – The Night Creeper – Album Review Oddly enough…I kind of expected somehow I’d be latching onto Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats a little faster than I’ve been digging into it. I mean…a TON of the right ingredients are here…you can hear them all right away in the first cut […]Read More

Birthday Noose – Hang’em High

Birthday Noose – Hang’em High – EP Review Just so happens…I’m a huge fan of The Black Angels, thanks so much for asking! Hmm…ok…wait…no one asked you say? Well…whatever…being well-versed in their dank, fuzzed out riff-rock is going to help me out in this review on Birthday Noose today…I can FEEL it! It is impossible […]Read More

1700 Monkey Ninjas – “Ahb Seshun”

1700 Monkey Ninjas – “Ahb Seshun” – Single Review Hmm…something about this name seems vaguely familiar… You kidding me? Over time, I might forget bands with names like The Wallflowers, Big Sugar, Muse…hell, even after a near-certain future spent battling alzheimer’s I’ll stand a chance at forgetting names like The Beatles and my favourites, The […]Read More

J-Luv Da Prince – In The Moment

J-Luv Da Prince – In The Moment – EP Review We’ll keep the soulful vibe of the music on the page today intact and follow-up our review of solo-artist Charity with this new R&B, electro-infused EP from J-Luv Da Prince, In The Moment. The first thing that caught me as “Party Over Here” started-up, was […]Read More

Charity – Yellow

Charity – Yellow – EP Review Awww – how can you NOT support a beautifully-expressive artist like this? Charity is taking sweetness to an all-new level on her latest release, the Yellow EP, with jazzed-up infusions of R&B, funk & soul all written with a modern-day nod to the old-school song-writers who have helped pave […]Read More

Reditus – Persona

Reditus – Persona – EP Review I take a great pride in the connection I have with music and the ability to express it in words. In general, I’d say it’s an impossible task – so to get it anywhere even close to half-right is like an extraordinary accomplishment or stroke of luck each and […]Read More

D-mac – “Godly”

D-mac – “Godly” – Single Review As D-mac continues to ready his upcoming Godly Nightmares album, we’ve got our hands on yet another single from the 21 year-old rap-artist. We previously reviewed the track “Siverour” just last month…and for those that are curious, NO – I’m no closer to understanding what the heck that title […]Read More