Month: <span>August 2015</span>

Rick Shaffer

Well…readers you know that I cannot tell you any lies…this one was a tough one for me to read back…but a very rewarding experience in doing so.  There’s a wide array of emotion in this interview with Rick Shaffer, whom we just reviewed recently for his solo-album Jitterbug Shake; some of them heated, passionate, direct […]Read More

Joseph Pagano – Time And Colors

Joseph Pagano – Time And Colors – EP Review There is a strong mix of emotions on Joseph Pagano’s latest EP Time And Colors, his second release of the year to be exact, following February’s release of the Graveyard Of Dreams EP. This is our first introduction to this indie/alternative-rock artist and his tender, sincere […]Read More

Advance – Deus Ex Machina (Redux)

Advance – Deus Ex Machina (Redux) – Album Review Big synth, big beats and big anthems rule throughout the electro-composition that makes up the music of Advance on this hefty double-disc version of their 2014 release. Helmed by the soaring vocals of Tom Perrett, Advance has recreated these tunes in a monumental fashion – each […]Read More

Bud Summers – The Way

Bud Summers – The Way – Album Review Ya gotta love this…definitely the sound of a man that knows what he’s doing here on The Way by Bud Summers. With a solid groove established in jazz/blues-infused rock, his rhythms on this album sound natural, honest & professional all at the same time. It’s outside of […]Read More

Neighborhood Goliath – Between Satellites & Settling

Neighborhood Goliath – Between Satellites & Settling – EP Review Following one of the best nights of live-music I’ve seen in Vancouver in years, it’s a good thing I listen to as much of this music as I can before writing these reviews…I knew exactly which EP to turn today. I needed something solid that […]Read More

Cirex – “Money Magnet”

Cirex – “Money Magnet” – Single Review Mathematical music-hero Cirex is back on our pages with a brand-new set of broken-electro fragments all pieced together with the skill of a surgeon on his latest “Money Magnet.” In my humble opinion…I’ve watched as the evolution of Cirex has grown over time…and I’ve listened to his complex […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 004

New podcast with Ryan & Jer @ SBS where Ryan talks to Ryan Rutherford of noise-rock band CLOSER in an official 1-on-1 Ryan-off! Check out a new sample-cut from the upcoming split EP from Closer and fellow dark-grunge-rock-band Fey as we preview a new song, play the lead single from Fey’s album Bye Bipolar and […]Read More

Russell Suereth – Spiritual Haven

Russell Suereth – Spiritual Haven – Album Review I’ve always got time for music like this and so rarely get the chance to sit, relax & enjoy without thinking about the business-side of life at the same time. It takes a real cohesive, audible-execution to make a gentle, ambient sound to be captivating enough to […]Read More

Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “Outlaw Love”

Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “Outlaw Love” – Single Review I was relieved to see that looking into the posting of this single to Troy Lindsey’s social-media/Facebook page yielded the answers to the questions I had about this new song “Outlaw Love” he’s put out. Some of you out there are already aware of my […]Read More