D-mac – “Godly”

 D-mac – “Godly”

D-mac – “Godly” – Single Review

As D-mac continues to ready his upcoming Godly Nightmares album, we’ve got our hands on yet another single from the 21 year-old rap-artist. We previously reviewed the track “Siverour” just last month…and for those that are curious, NO – I’m no closer to understanding what the heck that title meant than I was when reviewing the song back in July; but I’ve moved on…I’ve got a new song now. The new release from the album is called “Godly” – and this song is BIG. How big you ask? So big that it might actually be too huge to contain itself…

Like…so MASSIVE in scale, that I am not even remotely kidding when I say that I actually double-checked all of the connections to the stereo here in the studio just to make sure the blown-out sound wasn’t being incurred on this end somehow before I started to rant against the mix. I have checked them all now…and the conclusion is that we’ve got D-mac trying to stuff some monster-sized sounds into this mix with a slightly uneven result. The low-end bass-beat of the programming is beyond the red-line into whatever might come next on the boards colour-spectrum…and as much as I get what D-mac is going for, this one suffers a little bit from that mix distorting for a good majority of the track. It sounds like an awesome rap-track that you hear in your buddy’s car, with his brand-new stereo cranked up way-past-reasonable nearly cracking the windows as you sit in the K-mart parking-lot and smile that ‘yeahhhhhhh sounds real great!’ kinda-smile…when really you’re wondering if he’s already blown-out his system on his first ride-out off the factory lot.

Being rooted in the independent music-scene, I have all kinds of textures, sounds, mixes, remixes, demos…all that kind of stuff thrown at me daily. When I hear a rough-mix, my mind instantly reverts to a place of understanding…knowing that we don’t all have the same equipment, knowledge & know-how; often we have want & desire in common…and I start there. In a case like this, with D-mac’s “Godly” – it presents a whole OTHER problem…

…you see…in many of those aforementioned cases, there’s not all that often an actual ‘song’ to go with it. I’m nearly frustrated with D-mac right now, because there IS a song here…”Godly” has a massive amount of intensity, rhythm & groove to it with authoritative hooks that slap you around until you pay full attention. So as I often say to you wonderful musicians out there in the independent grind…what on earth is the rush D-mac? This song comes through booming so far over the peak that there is no possible way that I’m telling D-mac anything remotely new here so far in this review when it comes to the mix…he HAS to know this!

So…again…I think I get what he’s going for…he wants that massive street-grinding, booming low-end that makes it tricky for low-riders to go over speed-bumps – I GET IT. I just think it’s slightly wide of the mark…the other elements of the music, samples and synth-piano notes all seem to be mixed in right…I know he’s looking for that dangerous, menacing, in-charge-of-it-all, powerfully BIG vibe on this song – and he’s got it…but on those boards sometimes the best way to get that bigness to come out is by dialing it back just a bit til the red goes away… But the point is that it’s GOTTA be fixed – cause otherwise he’s got a seriously enormous track with huge presence on the mic…like I said, there IS a song here, and a good one at that. I dig the way that D-mac has got his performance set to entertain on “Godly” and the way that he puts just the right amount of seriousness into this cut to match the intensity, yet he still sounds like he’s having an incredibly good time as well as he lays these verses into the mic with what sounds like might be a mountain-sized chip on his shoulder. I’m just saying…”Godly” is about as audible as a clue can get, musically stomping and storming in your direction and basically telling everything in its way to get the fuck out of it – if you stick around to mess with this one, whatever happens next is on YOU, cause I warned ya!

So yeah…I guess in short, I hope D-mac goes back and hits this one up with just a little more precision to make it all perfect, cause I think “Godly” is a song worth getting to that 100. Always interesting to hear what D-mac is up to…seems like that album is shaping-up to be quite an enormous experience in sound.  Will he be able to contain the beast within him somehow?  Stay tuned to find out!

Hear D-mac for yourselves at:  https://soundcloud.com/ramborecords/godly

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