Month: <span>August 2015</span>

Adam Blacksmith – “Inner Child”

Adam Blacksmith – “Inner Child” – Music Video Release I’ve said it many times and I’ll continue to say it…I LOVE the Australian continent – I want to grab the entire country by the corners, wrap my arms around it and tell it I will never let it go. Musically, Australia has almost always been […]Read More

Dizzy Miles – Sunflower

Dizzy Miles – Sunflower – Album Review Definitely an album full of inventive summer-sounds from Dizzy Miles here on Sunflower…this a very bright collection of music that should do no less than put a hammock-sized grin in the middle of your face. A solid collection of acid-jazz electro, Sunflower starts up with the short & […]Read More

Crazyfixion – The Mask

Crazyfixion – The Mask – Album Promo-Video Release As if THIS doesn’t get a guy stoked for what’s upcoming! Check out this new promo-video for Crazyfixion’s third album being released soon, entitled The Mask. Visually, this mini-video is gritty, stunning and completely enticing! I mean, it MUST be more than just my own opinion – […]Read More

Nattyva – “Good For You” (Selena Gomez Cover)

As many of your out there know or would naturally assume, my experience with Selena Gomez’s music is pretty limited.  That being said…if it wasn’t for the independent music-scene out there I might not even know she exists…because I pretty much DO live in an actual cave, yes.  This would actually be the second time […]Read More

Keith Richie – Ambient Highways

Keith Richie – Ambient Highways – Album Review It’s actually extremely easy to get completely lost in Keith Richie’s new album Ambient Highways – I’m not going to be the guy that blames you for looking up to discover you’re on track #6 and thinking you’re still on track #2 as this new record plays […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 006

Latest episode of the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer is up with Part I of an interview/music with Pinto And The Bean & additional music from The Yellow Dress and Man Made Lake – check it out! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview with us by clicking […]Read More

TKO – Tung Chung May Day

TKO – Tung Chung May Day – EP Review The music of TKO couldn’t have possibly come at me at a better time. Last night I watched the movie Frank for the very first time…I’ll just say for music-lovers out there, it’s a movie you HAVE to see. Largely dealing with the spirituality and freedom […]Read More

Nick Festari – This Is Me…Slower And Faster

Nick Festari – This Is Me…Slower And Faster – Album Review Alrighty Nick…I’ve read enough about you before listening to the music to know you’ve written close to 1000 songs (literally!) and that you’ve been making music in general for somewhere around 30 years. Finding a connection to sound at a young age as well […]Read More

Yellow Paper Planes – Feather’s Touch

Yellow Paper Planes – Feather’s Touch – EP Review This is all about texture…this is about precision in following the vision and bringin’ it to fruition…you know what I’m saying? Listening to Yellow Paper Planes and the new Feather’s Touch EP…jesus…I don’t even know how to describe just how much I’m loving what I’m hearing […]Read More

Dirty Dollar$ – “Deep Sweet”

Dirty Dollar$ – “Deep Sweet” – Single Review If anyone would have been around me at the studio at the time I first played “Deep Sweet” by Dirty Dollar$, they would have heard an out-loud exclamation of “YES!” Doesn’t seem all that impressive until you consider the fact that I fully knew no one was […]Read More