Month: <span>August 2015</span>

Dr. Yelik – Ootheca

Dr. Yelik – Ootheca – Album Review When you’re picturing the hip-hop meccas like New York, Brooklyn or Philly…the next name down on your list probably still isn’t Windsor, CT. The advantage of having people not see him coming is something that most likely has been with him his entire like, coming from a place […]Read More

SBS Podcast With Ryan & Jer 007

Interview with Pinto And The Bean Part II! To become the next guest on the SBS Podcast, take an audio interview with us by clicking here! To have your music featured on the show, click this link to become the next artist or band we play tunes from on the SBS Podcast!Read More

Anna Aliena – The Muse

Anna Aliena – The Muse – EP Review We’re a little ahead of the game on this one…Anna Aliena’s new EP The Muse doesn’t officially come out until October 30th this year – but you know that doesn’t stop me for listening to it now! In fact…it’s always an honour to be able to review […]Read More

Ryan McCarl – Riding With The Outlaws

Ryan McCarl – Riding With The Outlaws – EP Review What a day here in British Columbia, Canada…I had to completely re-write my intro for this article after starting this up earlier this morning, only to end up one of 200,000 victims of a brutal power-outage throughout the lower mainland. It lasted nearly six or […]Read More

goldAP – Soundcloud Singles

goldAP – Soundcloud Singles Review Not to be confused with the recent work we’ve done in print & on the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer involving alternative-folk band Pinto & The Bean – this man in review today is doing something quite different from what they’re all about musically – so be ready! Today […]Read More

Age Of Man – About Time

Age Of Man – About Time – Album Review Taking us for a trip through electric-rock…and through their own catalogue as the revitalise and come out swinging with the updated production on the tunes from their Ebeneezer EP, released back in 2013. What a trip to be able to hear these tunes again with the […]Read More

RhythmRug – “The Giver”

RhythmRug – “The Giver” – Single Review Quite possibly running away with the award for ‘least offensive’ track you’ll hear in 2015, RhythmRug has released “The Giver” out into the world for your awaiting minds & listening ears. Loaded with courageous social-commentary and a strong personal point of view – this new single is one […]Read More

Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next”

Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next” – Single Review This is completely awesome for many reasons…let me tell you about a few of them! Mus Matos has put out a precision-perfect single and wicked low-end beat with “YUNO Who’s Up Next.” His new cut packs BEEF, both lyrically and through the production; it’s minimalist […]Read More

Adam Blacksmith – “Hold On”

Adam Blacksmith – “Hold On” – Music Video Release I was excited to see that Adam Blacksmith was coming to our pages today all the way from Sydney, Australia with a set of two videos in support of his recent album The Anomy – I love the music that comes from the land down-under! And […]Read More