Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next”

 Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next”

Mus Matos – “YUNO Who’s Up Next” – Single Review

This is completely awesome for many reasons…let me tell you about a few of them!

Mus Matos has put out a precision-perfect single and wicked low-end beat with “YUNO Who’s Up Next.” His new cut packs BEEF, both lyrically and through the production; it’s minimalist as music comes but it packs in the maximum amount of sound to be had every time this track flares up. There’s not much I wouldn’t cite as standing out – from production to performance, Mus has got himself a low-down & dirty single-worthy song with “YUNO Who’s Up Next.”

When I’m talking about production…I’m talking about placement, assembly, mix…ideas and concepts and how the vision of the overall song is carried out. As I’ve already mentioned, this cut comes out perfectly – but here’s an excellent reason as to why; the sampling in the background is genius. It’s so subtle for the most part you’d barely notice it, but aside from a short breakdown it runs through the background the whole time, cleverly & carefully filling in the minimalist sound. It almost sounds like someone left the TV on in the background while Mus was recording; the overall result is textured-layers of the sonic-fantastic.

Hypnotic in its pulse, rhythm and flow – Mus brings style and poise to this track with a confident roll through the verse & chorus that almost feels like freestyle. The timing is just short of being made by Patek Phillipe – this MC is making the most of his moment on the mic to match the energy in the music perfectly. His lines roll-out quickly, but spaced out so that they bump & grind into the music with swagger & style that can’t be ignored. Armed with electro-gears shifting his voice through the auto-tuner, produced, performed and mixed perfectly into this track; it builds as it plays and the element of danger & menace through the lyrics and musical-vibe continually grow stronger.

Designed for the late-night club and thumping car-stereos, “YUNO Who’s Up Next” is as about as sick as it gets, as complete as can be and 100% ready to roll out of the parking lot & into the final days of summer. Mus Matos has put in the work and all the proof you need is found in every second that rolls by on his latest single. The production just sparkles…low-end like this can be tough to mix and get the full BEEF into it like you’ll find on this track; in short…if your speakers are buzzin’ out it’s cause they’re shit – not the mix on this track. Nah…this is the kind of mix you wish had a physical form so you could put it in a frame and hang it up on your freakin’ wall!

Not that you’d wanna be hanging anything on your walls if you want to be playing “YUNO Who’s Up Next” on the regular…this thang is bound to send a rattle through the entire foundation of your HOUSE. I told ya – it’s BIG!

And with big sounds comes big responsibilities. Not only does this track hit a complete home-run for me, it certainly has given me large expectations on what might come out from Mus Matos in the future. From what I gather out of this first single I’ve experienced here – I’d say he’s up to the challenge; dude sounds hungry for the mic & the music and you can hear the passion put into the production to make “YUNO Who’s Up Next” a complete standout.

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