Adam Blacksmith – “Hold On”

 Adam Blacksmith – “Hold On”

Adam Blacksmith – “Hold On” – Music Video Release

I was excited to see that Adam Blacksmith was coming to our pages today all the way from Sydney, Australia with a set of two videos in support of his recent album The Anomy – I love the music that comes from the land down-under! And it can be tough to come across it all the way over here in Canada, so for that reason alone, it’s been awesome to see the waves of independent music from Aussie-land make the trek over here to our distant shores and Canadian earholes. To get our experience into the music & videos of Adam Blacksmith and some context on where the man has come from in his past work – we started it up today with a video from 2013 that he also wrote & directed himself for his single “Inner Child” – check that out right here if you haven’t already!

And it’s awesome to see where he’s come from so we can measure up that against where he’s going with his music & videos in his latest release, the debut-single from his new album The Anomy called “Hold On.” I think it’s safe to say there’s already visible and audible improvement here in his latest work and I’m proud to show this brand-new video for “Hold On” by Adam Blacksmith – seems like a really genuine dude and passionate musician, and I think both videos reflect the heart of a man who is giving his all to his craft. You’ll see it onscreen through this sharply-edited video & you’ll hear it in his music through improved clarity, tone, production and a more confident performance from Adam.  One of the most notable tells in a musician working hard is that the current work reflects the best work so far, and it seems to me that Adam Blacksmith is ready to show the world exactly what he’s here for.

Check out Adam Blacksmith’s new single from The Anomy, “Hold On” below and support him at Facebook here:

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