RhythmRug – “The Giver”

 RhythmRug – “The Giver”

RhythmRug – “The Giver” – Single Review

Quite possibly running away with the award for ‘least offensive’ track you’ll hear in 2015, RhythmRug has released “The Giver” out into the world for your awaiting minds & listening ears. Loaded with courageous social-commentary and a strong personal point of view – this new single is one part rhythm & rhyme, the other part supplied by the knowledge, advice & guidance through the lyrical aspect. Combined to create one powerfully smooth anthem for the new generation, “The Giver” is a smart way to introduce people to the music of RhythmRug; in many cases songs displaying lyrics as pointed as these are can be a risk…but today I think everyone out there can dig the straight-ahead nature of this message and everything it stands for.

Reminiscent of vibes similar to what you’ll find in the music of The Getaway People and perhaps a little Macklemore & Lewis…maybe a pinch of Gym Class Heroes & Travie McCoy’s work. All these references might be a little bit flashier than our humble new friend in RhythmRug I suppose…they don’t seem as grounded as RR seems to be. Point being, it’s smooth like that…there’s a joyous rhythm & groove to “The Giver” that puts out a real uplifting mood to the music that warmly invites you in – and once you’re in, there’s no reason to leave it. This is the kind of song that you want to let soak into your subconscious mind…and find the ears of the people out there that truly need to hear this type of message.

RhythmRug is smart to use this platform if you ask me. In general…I think there’s a lot of great song-writing out there in the independent music-scene; but when you think about it, most often we hear tales and stories of fictionalized reality…and it can be rare to find an artist out there that’s truly trying to educate the people in addition to making sweet-beats. But I think we’ve found one here today in RhythmRug…as subtle as it might be, you can hear the passion and determination in the vocals & lyrics unmistakably – this is an artist that firmly believes in every word he’s put into “The Giver.”

Solid beat, production & mix are on-point, and overall RhythmRug has really found a clever way of combining a defined message for the people with a groove the people can dig right into. “The Giver” is definitely a song for the people…like a gift inside of RhythmRug that was important to make sure YOU have. The love of humanity, the freedom of musical expression and the foresight to use these rhythms for the greater-good is woven deep into the fabric of what RR has created in “The Giver,” and the sentiment shines brightly without beating you over the head with any one message.

Like I said…smooth. Smooth delivery, smooth performance, smooth song-writing…and I’d assume smooth-sailing for RhythmRug from this point on…there’s a completely valid, dynamic & versatile sound here – and a massive need for this type of message in music today.

Find out more about what RhythmRug is all about from the official page at: http://rhythmrug.com

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