Ltronnika – “Drifter”

Solidly chilled-out vibes from Ltronnika on the brand-new single “Drifter” – sounds like another quality tune in the catalog that people are sure to enjoy from this Electro artist.  In fact, this project has had quite the busy year so far – you might remember songs like “One Fine Day” and “Escapade” being posted up […]Read More

Rhythm Affair – “Her Grave”

Heavy theme!  Rhythm Affair’s new single “Her Grave” is about a “single father’s anger with God after 12 year old daughter is killed in a school shooting.”  Definitely a subject that’s not for the faint of heart, but also one that’s all-too-relevant for the world we’re living in lately, as unfortunate as that may be; […]Read More

Sung Eun Choi – “Unknown Of World”

Stunning composition and beautifully graceful musicianship throughout Sung Eun Choi’s brand-new single called “Unknown Of World” – this is an exceptionally mesmerizing moment in time.  As charming as it is captivating, Sung Eun brilliantly creates an outstanding piano melody, accented with just a sprinkle of strings in the mix throughout the background to give the […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Escapade”

Been really digging my experiences in listening to Ltronnika’s music this year…each of these singles I’ve experienced from “One Fine Day” at the end of May to this new one called “Escapade” here now, all seem to bring a seriously fun and vibrant freshness to the electro-genre that’s incredibly accessible.  To the point where it’s […]Read More

John Doh – “#0141”

From the man who brought us the remix on Stormzy’s “Vossi Bop” just last month, John Doh returns with his debut original “#0141” and gives you a full glimpse of what he’s all about & where he’s come from on his brand-new single.  Always awesome to get more to the story – and he’ll fill […]Read More

Ltronnika – “One Fine Day”

Here’s a fantastic way to start your morning – Ltronnika is here to make sure it all turns into “One Fine Day” for ya, with a perfectly smooth digital sound that has high-doses of blissfully warm vibes.  Absolutely LOVING what I hear in this single…Ltronnika has audibly rounded every corner and put an impressive amount […]Read More

Michael Lewis – “Love Somebody” Featuring Aymee Weir

100% THIS! Michael Lewis is busting out onto the worldwide stage from his home-base in London of the UK – and when you hear the spectacular single “Love Somebody” featuring the stunning vocals of Aymee Weir alongside him, you’ll know exactly why this guy’s star is completely on the rise right now.  Flawlessly smooth song […]Read More

Marko – “Il Divague” / “One’s Heart”

Brand-new tunes from Marko are out and available now!  These two you’ll find below for his new singles “Il Divague” and “One’s Heart” are fresh from the very beginning of this month, released at the beginning of May for you all to enjoy.  Full of colorful vibes, heartfelt melodies, and clear passion – Marko takes […]Read More

John Doh – “Vossi Bop (John Doh Remix)”

You’d have to be livin’ under a rock at this point if you’re still wondering what “Vossi Bop” is this year in 2019 – the original cut by rapper Stormzy has only been out a short time and its clearly breaking the internet, already inspiring covers & remixes like this one here from rapper John […]Read More

WinstonW – “1984”

There are some artists out there you know you can rely on for some good ol’ late-night style audio-entertainment – and WinstonW definitely fits into that category.  You might remember the dude from a posting earlier mid-month, when we put up his cut “Purple Eden” and explored the chill serenity in sound WinstonW was capable […]Read More