Dirty Keller – “Shredder”

Lemme tell y’all this – if it sounds like Dirty Keller knows wtf he’s doing behind the studio boards, it definitely ain’t no accident – this man makes BEATS yo!  No joke – when I was told the man has got his whole setup ragin’ on the Beatstars site, I figured I’d find at least […]Read More

MusikMula – “Better Den Me” Feat. LiL PiT

“Stop playin’ – you know you love music.”  #truth While there’s no doubt that MusikMula & LiL PiT have teamed up to create a track for the ladies here, chances are no matter you are, you’ll dig the soulful sound & stellar vibes to be found on their new single “Better Den Me.”  Diving deep […]Read More

Spiros Pagalis – “My Way”

Spiros Pagalis – “My Way” – Audio Post Well now – this is something ain’t it?  According to the notes I’ve got here, we’re more often gonna find Greek artist Spiros Pagalis in the Hip-Hop genre than in most others, but he’s also a self-admitted experimentalist when it comes to making music, and this cover/single […]Read More

Divided By Infinity – Lockdown EP

I’ll tell ya this much…if you’ve got the band This Will Destroy You in your list of influences & inspirations, believe me when I say, you’ll always be getting my attention.  Divided By Infinity has’em posted up in reference to their sound on their Twitter page, along with a couple new names I didn’t know […]Read More

Kootenay & Co. – “Far & Long Gone”

Home grown talent y’all – check this out. Especially you fans of Country that write on into us tellin’ me that we find great stuff out there in the independent scene but don’t bring you enough of it!  Forgive me y’all – you know I was born Grunge. That being said, I’ll be doin’ my […]Read More

Estani – “Siempreverde”

If you just tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier today, you had the opportunity to hear solo artist Estani’s single “Siempreverde” and a whole bunch of fun facts about the exciting time she’s in right now with her whole career.  Call it a resurgence, call it finding a lil’ time for herself finally after assisting […]Read More

Kalel – “Ready To Die”

“I was just lone wolfin’ – I take pride in that.”  #Heard Takin’ you deep into the dank corners of his own insightful thoughts, give Kalel serious credit for having the courage to not hold anything back when it comes to keepin’ it real yo.  Love this dude’s gritty tone of voice and the way […]Read More

Uni Vs. – “Best Friend”

“It’s all on me to turn this life into a masterpiece.” #facts On the extreme bright-side of that scenario, Uni Vs. is more than equipped with all the talent & tools he needs to make that happen.  You can definitely feel the weight of this single “Best Friend,” sliced from The Poet’s Empire EP…from the […]Read More

Dmitry Chaplin – “You And I”

With a beautiful slice of audible melancholy and haunting melody combined, artist Dmitry Chaplin has released a mesmerizing & captivating new cut called “You And I” this year, and notably, this time around he’s gone acoustic!  A quick tour into the catalog of Chaplin tunes out there online will quickly confirm that this dude is […]Read More

DynamoMin – “Last One Picked”

Chances are, there are many of you out there that can relate to this avant-garde & artistic lil’ ditty DynamoMin have created with this single – from high-school kickball games to corporate promotions, being the “Last One Picked” is never where ya wanna find yourself in the pecking order, but it happens to nearly all […]Read More

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