Dmitry Chaplin – “You And I”

With a beautiful slice of audible melancholy and haunting melody combined, artist Dmitry Chaplin has released a mesmerizing & captivating new cut called “You And I” this year, and notably, this time around he’s gone acoustic!  A quick tour into the catalog of Chaplin tunes out there online will quickly confirm that this dude is […]Read More

DynamoMin – “Last One Picked”

Chances are, there are many of you out there that can relate to this avant-garde & artistic lil’ ditty DynamoMin have created with this single – from high-school kickball games to corporate promotions, being the “Last One Picked” is never where ya wanna find yourself in the pecking order, but it happens to nearly all […]Read More

Catone – “Replace” Featuring J. Apollo

I’m all about it – Catone’s got a killer single out this year called “Replace” featuring J. Apollo – and you wanna get in on this for sure.  A brilliant combination of swagger, style, and genuine emotion – Catone’s put the work into the design, melody, and flow of this collaborative single, and as a […]Read More

John Doh – “Happy Birthday”

John Doh, back on our pages, doin’ his thang… Although this time, as you might have guessed, John Doh gets a bit more specific when it comes to the intended audience for his latest single – “Happy Birthday” is a track created to celebrate his sister’s 30th spin around the sun.  You know we’re joining […]Read More

Simon Kosta – “Escape To Paradise”

Dig the atmosphere, dig the aura, dig the vibe – Simon Kosta has discovered a gorgeous combination of instrumental electro-chill sounds to create the stunning new single “Escape To Paradise.”  With all the right bounce & energy your speakers & ears are truly craving, Kosta’s “Escape To Paradise” surges with spectacular dimension & depth, in […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Echoes Past”

Fantastically gorgeous. While Ltronnika has occupied plenty of space on our pages, screens, and speakers this year already with singles like “Mission To Paradise,” “Get In The Groove,” and “Motion Emotion” so far…looking back on the history of this subtle Electro artist’s history, the space between the last one we heard and “Echoes Past” is […]Read More

Kacper Orzechowski & Diastrid – “Paradise”

Much credit, accolades, and congratulations to this young man right here. I’ve been reading about artist Kacper Orzechowski since I started listening to this new single he’s put out with singer/guest-star Diastrid called “Paradise” – and let me tell ya firsthand, it is IMPRESSIVE to see what this dude has already accomplished at such an […]Read More

Kevin Louvre – “Dolce&Gabbano”

All the way from Granollers, Barcelona, Spain – Kevin Louvre brings his style & finesse to our Canadian pages with a brand-new single called “Dolce&Gabbano.”  Flexing a highly stylistic sound that’s highly relevant for what’s happening out there in music right now, “Dolce&Gabbano” reveals that Louvre has the charisma and moves on the mic that’ll […]Read More

RAM6 & DJ Special-Jay – “Follow Your Heart”

Dig this! About three years ago, following heart surgery, young artist DJ Special-Jay found himself with a new lease on life and inspired to say thanks to all those that were supporting him through the toughest experience he’d ever gone through.  Creating “Follow Your Heart” in collaboration with RAM6, DJ Special-Jay was able to express […]Read More

Covid Relief 2020 @ SBS!

Welcome to Covid Relief 2020 from sleepingbagstudios! Now officially extended – we’re taking submissions on this special event until the end of May! Let’s spread a bit of love in what ways we can at this bizarre time we’re livin’ in! Three ways to be exact – and every one of them is free to […]Read More

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