SAV – “Rampage PT. 1 (Rough Draft)”

SAV – “Rampage PT. 1 (Rough Draft)” – Audio Post Ahhhh yes…just another day in the life of… …wait a second here – did SAV just say what I think he said? He did!  “I might just make her hold my dick when I piss” – heat/pulse-check…yep…I’m awake. I never have a problem with a […]Read More

Tiësto & Ava Max – “The Motto” (Cipya Remix)

Tiësto & Ava Max – The Motto (Cipya Remix) – Audio Post This right here is a perfect example of just how outta touch I am with the ol’ mainstream & what’s happening outside of the independent music-scene…no sooner do I learn about the existence of this song through electro artist Cipya, but even the […]Read More

TWOFEW – “The War”

TWOFEW – “The War” – Audio Post If you’ve been following along with our pages & our shows, you know full-well that TWOFEW has got MASSIVE plans for 2022 – and we are sincerely stoked to celebrate along with’em as the continue to dominate the year with brand-new tunes & videos.  Not only will we […]Read More

Kalel – “Mala Suerte”

Kalel – “Mala Suerte” – Audio Post Hopefully someone out there’s been paying attention to what I’ve been tellin’ ya, because if you’ve been missing out on the evolution in Kalel’s music, you are seriously missing out altogether.  It’s what – February 5th?  And he’s just dropped one of the best cuts you’re gonna hear […]Read More

wiZzArt – “Angel”

wiZzArt – “Angel” – Audio Post It’s always a genuine pleasure to check out what’s happening in the music of other countries.  Don’t get me wrong…that doesn’t always mean that I’m going to ‘get it’ – heck, most of the times, I’m sure that I don’t!  I get accused of having some kind of solid […]Read More

Monosiped – “C4”

Monosiped – “C4” – Audio Post Now this right here is fully worth your time in checking out – the curious and mysterious atmosphere created by Monosiped is a freakin’ haunting sonic delight to listen to.  Diving deep into the exploratory realm, the textured tones and precision movements within the music & structure of this […]Read More

Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3

Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3 – Music Video Post Ayyyy man – I get it!  Y’all engineers are out there, doin’ what you do around the clock, just tryin’ to get through the grind & get it done – and wouldn’t life just be BETTER with a kickass soundtrack happenin’ […]Read More

Greautcine – “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)”

Greautcine – “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” – Audio Post All the way from Taiwan, Greautcine is making a diverse & intricate brand of EDM sound that infuses a brilliant degree of IDM inspirations that give his latest single “Retócame (Toque Meu Nascer Do Sol)” a whole series of spectacular & sensational twists that […]Read More

Tony Cobain – “Nights On Sunset” Feat. Chad X. Ali

“Take your shot like John Stockton?” I mean…don’t get me wrong…it’s a solid line…it actually got me thinking about how specific that lyric really is – if you know your basketball history, it’s not like Stockton didn’t pot a few buckets on the way by & all…but that ain’t what he’s known for, you feel […]Read More

Karan Patade – “Wake Up”

Yup!  Karan’s got the vibe, no doubt about it. If I’m being truthful with y’all, he had me at hello with the playfully jazzy music that starts up this song, even before his radiant vocals began; and then of course by the time you get to that point, liking or loving this song becomes a […]Read More