Ltronnika – “Motion Emotion”

No surprise that one of the most active projects in electronic-music is already determined to start 2020 off with just as much effort & exciting sound as we heard from Ltronnika last year, where we featured about five different singles here at our pages from around summertime on-forward over 2019.  Back again with a brand-new […]Read More

Blinded Fate – “Society Of Rage”

We’ve got cutting-edge Trap/Metal music from Blinded Fate to start up your Wednesday morning focused on the “Society Of Rage” we’re livin’ in.  Armed with hard-hitting synth-sounds and big beats comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights, with gnarly vocals, distant guitars, and electro-elements added into the mix, “Society Of Rage” is a scathing cut […]Read More

kidhook – “Not Anymore”

“Turnin’ bad situations into good” – amen to that homie. kidhook is here to supply a soul-soothing single filled with a solid combination of wisdom flowing throughout the lyricism, faith-based & empowering messages, and a slick sound that slides smoothly straight outta your speakers.  The man’s looking to spread love, inspiration, and hope to the […]Read More

Lella Daniels – “For You”

Lella Daniels – “For You” – Single Release/Review Definitely digging what I’m hearing from Swedish singer/songwriter Lella Daniels on this new single “For You” – she’s got an exceptional voice that makes every moment of this song burst at the seams with the amount of bold emotion she’s able to pack into each word she […]Read More

Yajna – “Femenomenal”

With a remarkably empowering new single, Swedish artist Yajna sounds spectacularly sincere, confident, and ready to unite the people out there through the emotionally-charged, heartfelt, and thought-provoking words you’ll find on “Femenomenal.”  Not only do you get a full song’s worth of insightful lyricism, you also get Yajna’s exceptionally beautiful voice and vocal-melody leading the […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “J.u.i.c.e!”

Y’all know who’s got the “J.u.i.c.e!” – it’s none other than the notorious Dawn Duchess yo! She never stops hustlin’ and we’ve got mad respect for that.  Back on our pages for the fourth time this year, The Duchess is still building steam towards the end of 2019 with the release of her latest cut […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Island Breeze”

It definitely seems like Ltronnika has been up to something this year.  If my math is correct, this would be the fifth cut we’ve posted up at our pages in 2019…all songs featuring a highly cohesive sound – even the artwork is essentially the same time after time, leading us to believe that there’s likely […]Read More

MCCM – “Beginn Der Therapie”

MCCM – “Beginn Der Therapie” – Audio Post/Review Ohhhhhhhhhhh snap!  German Rap?  Sign me up yo! While I’ll admit my experience with German music in any genre is fairly limited, you know I can still always hear the passion, effort, and skill in any project, artist, or band that comes our way.  No exception to […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Everyday” Featuring Charles Massey

If you’ve been following along with our pages over the years, Dawn Duchess is a name you know well by now. And why is that exactly you ask? Because she’s doin’ this music thang “EVERYDAY” yo!  She don’t let up, she don’t stop, she don’t quit – she’s IN this 24/7 and The Duchess is […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Here Comes The Sun”

We’ve heard some really rad stuff from Ltronnika this year – and I’m stoked to announce we’ve got some more for ya here today!  One of my favorites so far in fact – “Here Comes The Sun” seriously jams! Like many great artists & bands, songs & records out there, the real key to victory […]Read More

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