Jcarbonell – “Crush”

 Jcarbonell – “Crush”

Jcarbonell – “Crush” – Audio Post

In just under a week’s time, the brand-new single from Jcarbonell called “Crush” will be made available for ya on every digital platform under the sun around the world online – and you don’t wanna miss out on that!  For real y’all…every so often, we come across a moment in time in music where absolutely everything we hear sounds like it was completely meant to be…and that’s exactly the case when it comes to Jcarbonell’s latest cut – there’s not a hair out of place.  Everything you’ll discover has an all-out remarkable mix of inspired emotion & sincerity in the sound, and it’s short & sweet altogether…I’m about as confident as ever that each and every one of you out there will dig on this bold & gentle gem.  I should point out though…that while I say it’s the ‘latest’ cut from Jcarbonell, “Crush” is actually just one of a huge series of songs/string of singles that the man’s been dropping online as of late this year – you can already find tracks like “Adrenaline” & “Lovely plans that were released to YouTube after “Crush,” and cuts like “Rain” & “Endurance” that were released not too long before that as well over these past two weeks or so.  It’s clear that Jcarbonell is making moves and shifting gears here at the end of 2022 – and when you hear the crystal clarity and the quality of the ideas at the heart of “Crush,” you can tell he’s going to keep the momentum & creativity surging forward from here.  With results like these on this single “Crush,” he’d be crazy not to keep going with his music career as long & strong as possible – this is an entirely flawless tune…a stellar example of a perfect moment, with melody that’ll head straight for your heart and build itself a home there.  I’m a big fan of what I’m hearing on “Crush” as I’m sure you can tell – and I’m 100% stoked to have a listen to more of Jcarbonell’s music because of it!  If that ain’t what you’d want in a gateway single, I’m not sure what else could be…there’s genuine magic goin’ on in the melody at the core of this song…I know I won’t be alone in loving “Crush,” this cut is all aces for sure.

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