TWOFEW – “The War”

 TWOFEW – “The War”

TWOFEW – “The War” – Audio Post

If you’ve been following along with our pages & our shows, you know full-well that TWOFEW has got MASSIVE plans for 2022 – and we are sincerely stoked to celebrate along with’em as the continue to dominate the year with brand-new tunes & videos.  Not only will we be featuring a full review on their latest single “The War” here on our pages over the days to come, but throughout the rest of this month and into the next, you’ll be seeing TWOFEW pop up on our pages in all kinds of ways.  We’ll be postin’ up their animated video supporting “The War” – we’ll be playing them on the SBS Podcast – we’ll be featuring them once again in a follow-up interview on SBS Live This Week – you name it, we’re gettin’ involved – TWOFEW is makin’ moves in 2022, and we’re HERE FOR IT!  Get yourselves a head start on it all by giving their new single “The War” a spin below, and be ready for a whole bunch more excitement to be had this year with TWOFEW right here on these pages of ours!

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