RAM6 & DJ Special-Jay – “Follow Your Heart”

Dig this! About three years ago, following heart surgery, young artist DJ Special-Jay found himself with a new lease on life and inspired to say thanks to all those that were supporting him through the toughest experience he’d ever gone through.  Creating “Follow Your Heart” in collaboration with RAM6, DJ Special-Jay was able to express […]Read More

Covid Relief 2020 @ SBS!

Welcome to Covid Relief 2020 from sleepingbagstudios! Now officially extended – we’re taking submissions on this special event until the end of May! Let’s spread a bit of love in what ways we can at this bizarre time we’re livin’ in! Three ways to be exact – and every one of them is free to […]Read More

Brannon – “On My Way”

Ever since I started listening to Brannon’s music back in 2017 when reviewing his record called The Road Less Traveled, I’ve always had a deep respect for his songwriting and a genuine admiration for the execution in his craft overall.  It’d be pretty tough to listen to a Brannon tune and not come to the […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Mission To Paradise”

I woke up this morning thinking we’d start out our day with some relaxed vibes we know we can rely on via the music of Ltronnika.  One of the more curious entities out there in the music-scene right now, this will be our eighth time featuring Ltronnika’s music on our pages, which ultimately is about […]Read More

Dr AK – “Meditation For Immune System Support”

Face the facts, just about every soul on this planet could use a little soothing right now. Here with audible medicine to move your mind & body, the ambient & mesmerizing Dr AK puts a unique set of skills to use for the greater good of us all.  With a gentle set of fascinating isochronic […]Read More

Cadmium – “Change Your Mind”

Absolutely STELLAR. Cadmium has just released a brand-new single called “Change Your Mind” and it is stocked FULL of highly dynamic, shape-shifting sound and straight-up immaculately soulful vocals.  Powerful stuff to say the very least – this cut expands into seriously expressive & colorful moments at its most intense, and dials back beautifully into the […]Read More

John Doh – “My Thoughts (Rhyming Excise)”

Props to this Scotsman – he’s been puttin’ in the work to keep his skills sharp for ya. In the past, we’ve featured artist John Doh here at our pages a couple of times already, with each post displaying a different dimension of what the man can do & what he’s all about.  We were […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Get In The Groove”

This would probably be more likely to be an invitation to the rest of us listening to “Get In The Groove” – Ltronnika’s been locked into the groove for quite some time now.  Rapidly releasing singles onto the net faster than I can write about’em, this electro-wizard has been keeping the music flowing solidly over […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Motion Emotion”

No surprise that one of the most active projects in electronic-music is already determined to start 2020 off with just as much effort & exciting sound as we heard from Ltronnika last year, where we featured about five different singles here at our pages from around summertime on-forward over 2019.  Back again with a brand-new […]Read More

Blinded Fate – “Society Of Rage”

We’ve got cutting-edge Trap/Metal music from Blinded Fate to start up your Wednesday morning focused on the “Society Of Rage” we’re livin’ in.  Armed with hard-hitting synth-sounds and big beats comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights, with gnarly vocals, distant guitars, and electro-elements added into the mix, “Society Of Rage” is a scathing cut […]Read More

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