Monosiped – “C4”

 Monosiped – “C4”

Monosiped – “C4” – Audio Post

Now this right here is fully worth your time in checking out – the curious and mysterious atmosphere created by Monosiped is a freakin’ haunting sonic delight to listen to.  Diving deep into the exploratory realm, the textured tones and precision movements within the music & structure of this single called “C4” are truly something else to experience – this is without question, a song that you can feel.  Chances are, that feeling, is gonna be the icy cold chill running down your spine as you listen…you can feel “C4” crawl right over your skill, destined & determined to cling to your bones and & echo within the walls of your mind.  Innovative and inventive – the savvy among you listeners out there will likely recognize that the timing signature of the second-half of “C4” will make a bold switch into 15/8 – for the rest of us out there, myself included, you’re gonna simply discover the kind of authentic oddity in music you always hope to stumble upon, but so rarely ever do.  From the hum of the distant frequencies and melody hanging suspended in the air, to the vibrant synth tones that take over…”C4” is every bit about the fluid movement of its design, the cutting-edge use of sensory sound, and the clever use of timing to every advantage of our interest – no joke folks, this track is seriously interesting, engaging, and entertaining all at the same time.  Monosiped is clearly a smart dude when it comes to the craft of making instrumental music and gifted when it comes to creating soundscapes that possess tangible uniqueness we can hear.  As creepy as it is clever – “C4” is a must for you audiophiles.

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