Uhhhhhhhhhh oh.  Has our hero run out of gas for these fast cars he features in the videos he creates?  We’re repeatin’ BROCK’s original “BUSTANG” as “BUSTANG GT,” and with a different set of visuals now?  That’s what we’re doin’ here?

Word on the street is that it’s been a tough summer for BROCK so far…and this MIGHT be the evidence of that.  I say might, because there are zero rules on how y’all put your music out there & deep down ya know it…if you wanna make ten videos for one song, no one’s stopping ya.  That being said, for an artist we’ve come to rely on for always pushing forward, it’s curious to see the man making a lateral move this time around.  “BUSTANG” was a good song before, it’s still a solid cut now as “BUSTANG GT.”  Does the new video make or break this song?  Nah…it’s nothing like that – but it does keep it fresh in your mind and somewhat restore the consistency in the visual aspect of his catalog when it comes to this particular single.  Am I happy to have it back on my screens & in my speakers?  Of course!  More BROCK is always a good thing – and I can’t imagine this would become a regular occurrence given his high level of creativity – he could spend his life making slick videos I’m sure, or he could spend that same time crushing the studio boards and making more of his killer music.  All up to him at the end of the day folks – stay tuned!

For now, give this track another spin and let some cars rip across your screens with sexy ladies & horses – because heckin’ rights, why the hell not?  What ELSE are you doing right now?  If you’re reading this at this very moment, then you have the same power to click play on BROCK’s new video for “BUSTANG GT” below – even if you’ve heard it before, you KNOW you still love it – so what’s stoppin’ ya?  I’ve always got time for more BROCK in my day…if you’re anything like me, you’ll fire this up to max volume where it belongs, and be stoked to enjoy it all over again, even if this is just the next of many “BUSTANG” videos.  You never know folks…BROCK’s always up to something, and there’s never a wrong way to promote your music, especially after spending all that time working on it – do the right thing y’all & give it a click!

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