Month: <span>November 2021</span>

Tanja Carol – “Lost In Paradise”

Tanja Carol – “Lost In Paradise” – Music Video Post Some artists just have that natural connection to music, and Tanja Carol is one of’em. If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you had a chance to listen to her latest single “Lost In Paradise” along with more of my […]Read More

SnapDibz – “Rivals” Feat. Rey Khan

SnapDibz – “Rivals” Feat. Rey Khan – Music Video Post It is a well-known fact that around this site of ours right here, we’ve been big fans of animated videos of all kinds – and you can definitely add this cut from SnapDibz featuring Rey Khan to that growing list of stuff we’ll never get […]Read More

Butterfist Funhouse – Scenes From An Italian Drama

Butterfist Funhouse – Scenes From An Italian Drama – EP Review “There’s often a story behind the madness, but it’s up to you to find it.”  #Truth I mean…when you got this much sauce, people listen & pay attention, that’s just the reality.  From what it looks like out there online, Butterfist Funhouse likely started […]Read More

Sarah Rae – “Shadow Girl”

Sarah Rae – “Shadow Girl” – Single Review Hey…all I’m sayin’ is that I told ya about the radness of Sarah Rae earlier in June this year, back when I got my first impression of her music through her single “Poison Ivy” and a taste of her signature sonic dissonance & penchant for artistic oddities.  […]Read More

Michael Imperiale – “Please Stop Killing Me”

Michael Imperiale – “Please Stop Killing Me” – Music Video Post “Dedicated to those who were taken by those entrusted to serve and protect.  R.I.P.” Talk about the kind of song you wish never had to be written. The fact is, it needs to be.  Look closely – not only will you see a ton […]Read More

Carameladora – “Home” / “Whispers”

Carameladora – “Home” / “Whispers” – Singles Review Well would you look at this right here…all the way from Bucharest to our little spot on the internet based out of Canada – there’s pretty much no denying that the music of Carameladora has certainly traveled just a few miles around the globe already at this […]Read More

Rialto Five – “La De Da (Trust You)”

Rialto Five – “La De Da (Trust You)” – Single Review In truth, I know more about who they are and what they stand for than I have any actual clue as to who plays what in the Rialto Five – but they sure seem like heckin’ cool people!  According to their social media & […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – Washed Away

The Marica Frequency – Washed Away – Album Review If there’s anyone else out there that wants to help me convince The Marica Frequency to put their tunes on Bandcamp so that I can get my hands on a copy of their catalog one day, I’d greatly appreciate the assistance.  Most of us are streamers […]Read More

David D’Alessio – “Before Tonight”

David D’Alessio – “Before Tonight” – Single Review “This ain’t fool’s gold.”  #PreachTheGoodWordSir!  #YouGotThatRight I wish…sincerely…that everyone out there made the task of reviewing music as easy on me as this guy does.  The man’s got more than a decade under his belt from what I can see online, so don’t get me wrong, I’d […]Read More

Lazarus Benson X AlpHaMatic – “So Strong”

Lazarus Benson X AlpHaMatic – “So Strong” – Single Review You can always tell an artist is startin’ to level-up when you see how talent attracts talent. The ever-active Lazarus Benson and his hybrid Nu-Metal vibes have been all over our pages this year.  From reviews on cuts like “Monster” and “Like You” at the […]Read More