Month: <span>November 2021</span>

Otis Coefficient – “Otis Coefficient” / “I Still Love H.E.R.”

Otis Coefficient – “Otis Coefficient” / “I Still Love H.E.R.” – Singles Review “This that silly intellectual rhyme potpourri.”  #WordUp And just like potpourri, you never really know what the heck you’re gonna find contributes to the mix – Otis Coefficient is just gettin’ his career rollin’ from what I can see online, and the […]Read More

Acid City Nuns – Singles

Acid City Nuns – Singles/The Habit Album Sampler Review “I’m just keepin’ it real, this is how you make me feel…” While at least a few of you regular readers out there would likely assume that quote comes from me, I can’t take credit for that one – that belongs to the Acid City Nuns.  […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – Instrumental Music…From The Heart

Galliano Sommavilla – Instrumental Music…From The Heart – Album Review Well this right here is definitely up there with the best I’ve heard from Galliano Sommavilla so far, and for those of you that read our pages here at Galliano Sommavilla Magazine sleepingbagstudios, you know I’ve heard at least a few tunes by this point […]Read More

Michael Angelo – The Fool

Michael Angelo – The Fool – Album Review What a voice!  The way that Michael Angelo’s first impression hits ya when the vocals begin on the title-track of their new record, is definitely something you’ll remember – they’ve got some serious style & soul on the m-i-c, and a fantastic mix of classic-meets-modern R&B vibes […]Read More

Tanner Gordon – Start Again

Tanner Gordon – Start Again – Album Review There was a week back in October last year that I was introduced to the music of Tanner Gordon, both as an artist, and as a member of his band The Unfortunates; it wasn’t your ordinary quick hello – I ended checking out a whole plethora of […]Read More

Joho – A Beginner’s Guide To True Insanity

Joho – A Beginner’s Guide To True Insanity – Album Review This guy could write the album, the book, and the movie as far as I can tell.  Every time I end up checking out a new Joho record, I end up digging into the numbers & all that kinda stuff…and while I sit here […]Read More

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days”

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days” – Music Video Post Really solid & steady songwriting from Jonathan Williams on his new single “One Of Those Days” – and when considering the shaky ground he’s found himself on in the past…one might very well say that even just being here today to make his music […]Read More

SBS Podcast 135

It’s almost hard to even imagine the cold is coming soon on a show this hot!  A 50/50 split between Canadian tunes and the rest of the map – come check out a whole lineup of awesomeness gathered from the independent music-scene we know & love.  We’ll be spinning songs from HEAD, per[sona, Acharya, Steven […]Read More

Greg Hoy – “Highway 101”

Greg Hoy – “Highway 101” – Single Review “We had the radio on, with the top down, and no space between us.” Greg’s got himself a decent tune here for sure.  “Highway 101,” as you’d likely assume from the ol’ title you’re reading there, is pretty much built for those sunny days outside, cruisin’ the […]Read More

Bruce Cohen

Bruce Cohen Interview SBS:  Hey!  My man!  Bruce!  Great to have you back once again brother, you’re practically family at this point!  So before we crack into the music and all that good stuff, let’s get ourselves a general update from ya dude, how you doin’?  What’s new in your world since the last time […]Read More