Carameladora – “Home” / “Whispers”

 Carameladora – “Home” / “Whispers”

Carameladora – “Home” / “Whispers” – Singles Review

Well would you look at this right here…all the way from Bucharest to our little spot on the internet based out of Canada – there’s pretty much no denying that the music of Carameladora has certainly traveled just a few miles around the globe already at this point.  How cool is that?  I love getting a glimpse of what music is like in countries completely outside of my own – and it just so happens that Carameladora makes an exploratory & expressive style of Electro-infused music that’s practically made for my ears way over here on the other side of the world.  Chances are, with the smooth fluidity, the stellar production, and her gift for finding unique, versatile, synth-based magic in the songs she’s been creating…well…I mean…I’d imagine you’ll find yourselves equally attached to these imaginative ideas.

While according to what I’ve read about her, Carameladora officially started making music a couple years back in 2019 – from what I can see online in terms of what she’s released, it looks like the vast majority of what’s out there has come from this very year we’re in right now.  All of it in fact, if we’re just going by what you can find at Spotify – but make no mistake, there’s already an impressive amount of material out there waiting for you to enjoy…there’s a whole series of singles, and even two albums, called Follow Me, and Sail Away.  Clearly it’s been a groundbreaking year for Carameladora in 2021 – she’s put out more music than the majority of the artists & bands I can think of – and if it all sounds as good as what I’m hearing in these two singles I’m reviewing here today, she’s in great shape for the future to come.  I really enjoyed listening to both “Home” & “Whispers” – they’re stellar instrumentals.

I also liked that you get what sounds like two different dimensions of Carameladora’s sound in between these two songs.  “Home” has a friendly, inviting, and sweet melody at its core – much like what I suppose we’d all hope that “Home” would sound like in our minds.  It’s a peaceful, pleasant, and quaint tune that drifts along dreamily, allowing you the opportunity to just relax and let the mellow melody work its own soothing magic on your soul.  Cleverly designed, to me, listening to “Home” was like listening to a great story being told…one that perhaps you remember, but had forgotten you knew…so you get this really interesting mix of nostalgia, hope, light, love…all that good stuff comes radiating through the heart of a song like “Home” and Carameladora should be highly proud of just how welcoming & enticing this gentle tune truly is.  There’s probably room for a little bit more low-end in the music she’s got here…but that’s hardly a complaint, it’s just an observation and something to consider for the songs she’ll write in the future of her career.  Essentially there’s a lot of bright & airy sounds in the mix here…the acoustic-based melody ends up being the most bold element of what we hear – all I’m saying is there’s still room under the surface where the synths live to add a bit more depth into the atmosphere – if that’s what she WANTS to do…it’s not something she NEEDS to do, you follow me?  “Home” has already come out with everything it needed…I think the sparklingly sweet & humble sound of the melody that Carameladora has discovered will have no problem connecting to the hearts & minds out there listening.  I know I had no issues with it over here, like I told ya – I think she’s got a fantastic vibe of her own already, this early on into her career, and as the next tune confirmed, a whole range of ideas and talents that reveal a passionate desire to make music and entertain all you wonderful people.

“Whispers” is arguably a bit more on the adventurous & artistic side of sound…still accessible enough for most folks out there to enjoy it, though perhaps a bit more of a niche audience than “Home” might have.  Personally I feel like if you dig on one of these tunes, you have no problem at all digging on both of’em – but they really do each have their own distinct character and vibe to them.  That being said – what I’m loving a LOT about the music of Carameladora is the focus on display already…again, this early on into her career, it’s exceptional stuff.  “Home” reminds you of the feeling of “Home” as I was pointing out to ya – and the same can essentially be said of “Whispers” and how it’s designed with such airy and atmospheric sounds rushing through your speakers to greet your ears.  Like an actual breath of fresh air, “Whispers” is an uplifting & inspired song…it might still have an inherent degree of real mellowness to it overall, but there’s more than enough of a colorful spark in the energy of the melody to fully entertain and engage all of us listening.  “Whispers” sounds beautifully curious in all the right ways…like it’s filled with potential, purpose, and possibility – and in that respect, I felt like this second song really echoed what this whole first impression of Carameladora’s music has truly been like to experience.  I’m hearing all kinds of limitless possibilities for her future to come…if she keeps the quality up in the production and in her ideas like we hear it in these two songs…she’s got every right to dream big about where she could take her music and how far it could potentially reach one day.  She’s only a couple years into her music career & I’m already writing about her way over here in Canada – I’d say she’s off to a great start.

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