David D’Alessio – “Before Tonight”

 David D’Alessio – “Before Tonight”

David D’Alessio – “Before Tonight” – Single Review

This ain’t fool’s gold.”  #PreachTheGoodWordSir!  #YouGotThatRight

I wish…sincerely…that everyone out there made the task of reviewing music as easy on me as this guy does.  The man’s got more than a decade under his belt from what I can see online, so don’t get me wrong, I’d have been crazy to assume that David didn’t know his way around the ol’ music studio by now – but even in knowing that, I gotta say, pushing play on his new single “Before Tonight” revealed much more sparkling and stellar results than I felt like I was expecting from this independent scene we share.  The professionalism is every bit as radiant as the sound of this song is, and that’s truly saying a lot y’all.

For real!  If you can somehow stuff more style, finesse, personality, talent, and charm into a song than what I hear in “Before Tonight,” I’d be amazed – but please send it my way if you figure out that formula one day.  To say this single is impressive would instantly qualify me for the understatement of the year – David D’Alessio is straight-up sensational on “Before Tonight,” and there’s pretty much no way that any set of ears out there could possibly come to a different conclusion.  In a hybrid fusion of Funk/Soul/Pop – “Before Tonight” is gonna go down smooth in the court of public opinion as David surges right to the top of playlists & charts all over this globe – his energy is outstanding, and this single is 100% relentlessly addictive.  Not only does the man have an all-out exceptional voice to start with, which in itself is more than worth the price of admission – but the musicianship on this song should completely drop your jaws in amazement.  The bass-lines are beyond brilliant, the guitars, keys & drums are all perfection, and the saxophone is absolutely outta this world – like…the vivid color & charisma at work throughout “Before Tonight” would be impossible not to notice for anyone remotely within earshot – David’s got everything jammin’ at max potential, and the results are guaranteed to raise the mood of the entire room you’re in.

What’s that?  You need proof, you say?  Fair enough.  I’m a shady character and I wouldn’t just take my word for anything either – so here…check out “Before Tonight” for yourself and take the Pepsi challenge – I promise ya, within mere seconds you’ll realize that I’ve never written anything other than the truth.

You hear what I’ve been sayin’ now don’t ya?  “This ain’t fool’s gold” y’all – this is REAL gold – the 24K kind that you can sink your teeth right into like an audible bar of bullion for your whole soul to enjoy.  There are so many situations on these pages where you hope, as a reviewer, that you’ll have some sort of something to write about, or an angle to help assist someone in promoting their music from – and then there are artists like David D’Alessio here, who makes music that absolutely speaks on its own behalf.  I could tell ya the great things all day long here – and if you wanna sit down & chat, believe me, I’m sure that you’ll hear me talkin’ about the guy for weeks to come based on what I’ve heard here – but to hear it is another thing completely, is it not?  C’mon now – you’ve pushed play at this point – is this not one of the easiest songs to enjoy that you’ve heard in this entire year?  What’s NOT to love about it?

BIG points for the brass all-around in this tune…the writing, the structure, the performance…it’s a WILD single that is genuinely sung & played with stunning levels of passion and professional precision.  It’s like David found the perfect way to ride the edge of Disco vibes and Big Band fused together as one, without being either, and created a cut here that incorporates nothing but the most spectacularly engaging and enjoyable aspects of both those genres, while adorning this gem with the soul in his voice & impressive range, massive Pop hooks that can’t be denied, and instrumentation that should authentically leave you in awe.  From the cleverness in the way the harmonies chime in, or how the music responds so smartly surrounding the vocals to create that significant bounce and dynamic energy you wanna hear beaming outta your speakers – I’m a firm believer that all of our ears know what 100% is when they get the true opportunity to hear it, and “Before Tonight” is exactly what that sounds like from every possible angle.

Find out more about David D’Alessio at his official homepage here:  https://www.daviddalessio.com

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