Month: <span>November 2021</span>

Optamistic Pr1me – “Streets Of Rage” Feat. Tommy Black

Optamistic Pr1me – “Streets Of Rage” Feat. Tommy Black – Music Video Post “I’m outta your league, but guess who’s next to bat.”  #HeadsUP Congratulations to this man right here – Optamistic Pr1me deserves a significant shout-out for a debut video that’s destined to get a solid share of your attention out there in the […]Read More

Damien Q – Seasons

Damien Q – Seasons – EP Review I’ll start this review off with a comment that I know Damien Q will appreciate more than anyone else – I pushed play on his brand-new Seasons EP, started opening up web pages and my blank canvas to write on like I normally would…and within mere seconds, he […]Read More

Phil Mitchell Band – “Across The Danube”

Phil Mitchell Band – “Across The Danube” – Music Video Post “The Ukraine has been at war for over 7 years.  When you cross the Danube River, you either make it across to the shore or you reach the impeding end.” If that quote isn’t a genuine reminder to many of us about the privileged […]Read More

Taymarion – “Godzilla”

Taymarion – “Godzilla” – Single Review “Any challenger that want it, I’ll be waitin’ at the door.”  #Facts  #BringTheWholeCrewItDontMatter Let’s be real here.  The ego-centric lyricism and boastful nature of Hip-Hop/Rap has always been a large part of the game…it stems directly from the roots of the battle & the heart of the cypher – […]Read More

Pete Kavanagh – Join Up The Dots

Pete Kavanagh – Join Up The Dots – Album Review Exciting times for solo artist Pete Kavanagh based out of Ireland…I know he’s been workin’ his way towards his official debut record for some time now – and congratulations my brother, it’s now officially just around the corner!  Pete’s highly-anticipated first album Join Up The […]Read More

Rasmus Fynbo – The Azure Sea

Rasmus Fynbo – The Azure Sea – Album Review It was back in March of last year that I had my first experience with Danish singer/songwriter Rasmus Fynbo and the music he makes, via the single/video he’d put out for his song “The Freedom To,” which came off his album The Greater Good from last […]Read More