Month: <span>May 2021</span>

Greg Johnson – Greg Johnson Covers The Masters

Greg Johnson – Covers The Masters – Album Review Coming out officially this June 18th, proudly presented by Starburst Records, you’ll be able to check out a lineup filled with stellar cover tunes from the musical perspective and style of Greg Johnson when he releases Greg Johnson Covers The Masters this year…and for those of […]Read More

Zygon – Signs And Symbols

Zygon – Signs And Symbols – Album Review I think the only thing Zygon & I really disagree on are the fundamentals of math…other than that, we’re cool.  If you read the review I did on their record Earth And Sky earlier this year, believe it or not, I ran into nearly the exact same […]Read More

Betweenzone – “Flower Lady”

Betweenzone – “Flower Lady” – Single Review It’s always rewarding to be a witness to the evolution of art & music. When I first crossed paths with Betweenzone back in 2018, to be entirely honest, I wasn’t sure really what I’d stumbled into – but I could certainly hear the potential.  It was a handful […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – VGM Vault Extended Version

Glenn Murawski – VGM Vault Extended Version – Album Review This latest installment of the Murawski music catalog is built on a set-list filled with covers of videogame tunes.  Depending on the era you were playing in & what your interests were in that regard, you may or may not recognize’em, but you’ll find songs […]Read More

SoundCup – “Memories We Make” / “Chase” Feat. Schmorgle

SoundCup – “Memories We Make” / “Chase” Feat. Schmorgle – Singles Review Well now…this collaboration needs to continue… The only thing I’m missing is the story between then & now…cause ya don’t just get THIS good overnight – I can promise you that.  Not unless SoundCup & Schmorgle are wishing upon stars that none of […]Read More

Random Parts – “Take Me Back” Feat. Bobby John

Random Parts – “Take Me Back” – Single Review Here’s what I figure is fair game; if you’re a band or an artist out there using a formula to make your music…expect that the same formula you’re using both can, and will, be used against you later on. So when you start up “Take Me […]Read More

Thelma Ball – “Like A Thing”

Thelma Ball – “Like A Thing” – Single Review I’m only here to confirm what you already know, aren’t I? I mean…I’d only assume that you’ll all listening to Thelma Ball by now…you’re savvy folks…so clearly you’d know that their latest single “Like A Thing” dropped online officially a couple days back and you’ve already […]Read More

Aneessa – “Gonna Be Alright”

Aneessa – “Gonna Be Alright” – Single Review Alrighty, I’m convinced. At first, I ain’t gonna lie to ya…I had reservations.  Any time I see a song out there that attempts to sell itself to us in the words of a title…well…y’all know me, I tend to get my back up a little bit.  So […]Read More

BLANK666 & Nikki Vale – “Wasted”

BLANK666 & Nikki Vale – “Wasted” – Single Review Well shiiiiiiiiiiiit homies…looks like I owe someone a shout-out here… Took me a minute to figure it out though.  Don’t get me wrong…we’re halfway through our ninth year here…it’s not like the occasional artist or band doesn’t drift through without some sort of connection, but truthfully, […]Read More

Maya Wagner – “Closeted”

Maya Wagner – “Closeted” – Single Review If you have yourself a copy of the very first Maya Wagner EP…I’d hang onto that in a place somewhere special…you might just have a rarity to be remembered one day.  I’m not talking about her upcoming debut EP called Closeted coming out on June 25th this year, […]Read More