Month: <span>May 2021</span>

Glenn Murawski – In The End, We Reap What We

Glenn Murawski – In The End, We Reap What We Sow – EP Review I honestly have no idea how this dude keeps his material organized…all I know is that it would be one seriously extreme challenge by now to separate all the remixes, revisions, remasters, alternate versions & whatnot that come along with Glenn […]Read More


Atta boy homie – get some BROCK! You know the name by now – you’ve plenty familiar with our ALL-CAPS minstrel of digitalized mischief – y’all should be no stranger to BROCK by this point in time, and if y’are, you’re way behind the rest of us.  Light years if fact – do yourself a […]Read More

May Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Our adventures in the futility of building community continues!  How much music can we post before people naturally catch on? Another social experiment at its finest, and further proof we’re likely doing more with your music than even you are! Make no mistake – the spirit of this project cannot be broken, try as you […]Read More

Nahoum Hay – “White Robe”

Nahoum Hay – “White Robe” – Single Review I’m thinking “White Robe” is kind of like my own White Rabbit… All I really knew at first in hearing Nahoum Hay’s latest single was that looks can be deceiving, but so can listening be too…everything about this whole experience seemed so filled with sweet melody, dynamic […]Read More

BON – “Carolina”

Official Press Release Join BON As She Surges Onto The International Music Charts With Her New Single “Carolina” In 2021. With her sensationally soulful vocals and vibrant fusion between House, Jazz, and cross-cultural sound – BON is breaking out all across the globe with her stunning debut single “Carolina” this year.  Guaranteed to put the […]Read More

The Sunset Kings – “Never Let Me Go”

The Sunset Kings – “Never Let Me Go” – Single Review It’s always tougher to pass some sort of judgment on something that’s new. While there are certainly similarities you can cite in the sound of The Sunset Kings at times, really, they’re breaking ground with a new hybrid combination of stylistic vibes built on […]Read More

Steam Train Hearts – “Uncertainty”

Steam Train Hearts – “Uncertainty” – Single Review “A nod to obscurity is a prerequisite for any Dietz project of course.”  Fair enough & cheers to that! I’ve got a foot on the platform ready to climb onboard with Steam Train Hearts…but I’m also being cautious in taking that next step.  Ultimately I ain’t opposed […]Read More

Lawn Mower – Autistic

Lawn Mower – Autistic – Album Review “This is a band that has the sole intention to have fun.  I don’t care about anything else but that, I work full time as a loan officer and I don’t see myself quitting my job.  I work 60 hrs a week and come home and play music […]Read More

Blind Uncle Harry – “Song For Kori”

Blind Uncle Harry – “Song For Kori” – Single Review Blind Uncle Harry!  What in the all-heck am I listening to here bud? This is more clever than you’ll realize at first, I can almost guarantee you that.  I ain’t gonna lie to ya – when I gave this single “Song For Kori” a spin […]Read More

Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice – “Road To Universe”

All the way from Italy to our Canadian-based pages, with a single that’s set way out there in the stratosphere and a sound of their own destined to reach far beyond the stars – Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice are currently putting the finishing touches on the upcoming album Potatoes On Mars and have […]Read More