Month: <span>May 2021</span>

Gozie Ukaga – “Grudge”

Gozie Ukaga – “Grudge” – Single Review Solid cut from Gozie Ukaga. When it comes right down to it, and you really wanna write a song that connects, the focus has gotta stay sharp from beginning to end and revolve entirely around the concept you’re workin’ with – and that’s exactly what you’ll find at […]Read More

92baby – 1992

92baby – 1992 – EP Review I mean…y’all know I’m here to comment on music & all, but when you see a profile pic at Facebook this dope you gotta shout it out for the awesomeness you see before you type another word, you feel me? You might know him as Lorenzo…you might know him […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 151

Get in The Pit!  We haul another wild show outta the vault from our first five years to keep ya entertained via the awesomeness of our hairy heroes in the brothers-Hutton and their grunged-up sound within The Pit – and stick around, we’ve got a lil’ something more recent from ya with a cut from […]Read More

Sophia Treadway – “I’m Good”

Sophia Treadway – “I’m Good” – Single Review You know…there’s a pretty kickass story in the making here… While I’m not usually the guy to cite this as the main reason…after all I’ve read about Sophia & her music & how she got here today…I mean…really, aside for her incredible talents & spectacular, it comes […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Alternate Versions: Volume 1

Glenn Murawski – Alternate Versions: Volume 1 – EP Review We now return to our regularly scheduled programming… …kind of. I’m just saying that it’s not story time like it was in reviewing Glenn Murawski’s record Fractured yesterday, that’s all.  He’s shifted his gears for the Alternate Versions: Volume 1 EP and it’s only fair […]Read More

SmZ – “Hon Fråga Mig”

SmZ makin’ a solid impression through our speakers & screens this morning with the new single “Hon Fråga Mig” – which, if I’m not mistaken…has the man rappin’ it up in at least three languages along the way…maybe more?  All I ever know is what sounds good – and “Hon Fråga Mig” sounds freakin’ great!  […]Read More

Anthony Vacanti – “Playboy”

Anthony Vacanti – “Playboy” – Single Review I love it when I’m checking through my playlist to see what’s up and what I might be in the mood to listen to and/or review, and getting to a cut like “Playboy” where there’s no way I could pass up the opportunity.  You click on this unapologetically […]Read More