Month: <span>May 2021</span>

Heavy AmericA – “Tails”

Heavy AmericA – “Tails” – Single Review Stellar morning through these speakers so far today – and we’re gonna keep that hot-streak blazin’ with the music of Heavy AmericA and their latest scorching single “Tails.”  Man…like…talk about a killer cut – this three-piece has found a way to get verifiable hooks laced into every aspect […]Read More

Jeff Goldsmith – “That Witch…”

Jeff Goldsmith – “That Witch…” – Single Review Well you gotta love that.  There’s a full recommendation to listen to this record from start to finish, yet here I am with a tiny fragment of the upcoming album May You Find The Light Before The Devil Knows He’s Right record being released this month on […]Read More

Reegonetti Band – “Reach For The Sky”

Reegonetti Band – “Reach For The Sky” – Single Review As you would have heard by now on the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, two musical-outsiders, Börje Reinholdsson and Ronald Vikström, have been on quite the journey to get their music out there into the world.  Based out of Sweden, Reegonetti Band is […]Read More

SBS Podcast 122

You know what to do – tune in & turn up! We’ve got a stellar lineup of musical melodies, instrumentals, and more in-store for ya on this episode of the SBS Podcast – come have a listen to what’s happening out there in the independent scene we all love & share together!  We’ll be talking […]Read More

Sentiers Nocturnes – Drifting Feelings

Sentiers Nocturnes – Drifting Feelings – EP Review “Where does your mind take you in the dark of night?” Not only was this question posed by Sentiers Nocturnes earlier this year back in April, within one of this project’s first social-media posts, but would ya look at that & listen here, wouldn’t you know it, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 152

It’s that magical time once again!  Haulin’ out another stellar set from the vault, catch the second of two shows that Vancouver band HEAD played from the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 at Studio, and stick around for a bonus cut with a lyric video by Return For Refund! To find out more about how […]Read More

Mikarlo – “I Wanna Be With U”

Mikarlo – “I Wanna Be With U” – Single Review I’m sure at least half of the people reading our pages would love it if I just started talking about the music right off the bat every once in a while, right?  I’ll get to the chorus soon enough y’all, I promise…but this ain’t gonna […]Read More

Key West Chris – Trimaran

Key West Chris – Trimaran – EP Review “A Trimaran boat has three hulls. Trimaran the EP has three songs.” Alrighty then. Can’t argue with logic like that I suppose…it’s been a pleasure folks, Key West Chris has summed it up for ya…I’ll just put my feet up here & relax, knowing that everything you […]Read More

Zumbi – “Wrecked” / “Fear”

Zumbi – “Wrecked” / “Fear” – Singles Review Word on the street is that after about twenty-five years of friendship out there, Dimitri Craven & Jerry Andrews decided to up & make themselves a band, recruited rapper/keyboardist Jason Soto, and here we are.  They’ve got their debut record called Ahead Of Time out & available […]Read More

ReLoVe – “Voices”

ReLoVe – “Voices” – Single Review Do not underestimate this crew. ReLoVe has been dropping some stellar new tunes online as of late…if ya haven’t been keepin’ them close to your playlists & on your radar, I can assure ya that you’re missin’ out on a lil’ somethin’ special.  Word on the street, according to […]Read More