SoundCup – “Memories We Make” / “Chase” Feat. Schmorgle

 SoundCup – “Memories We Make” / “Chase” Feat. Schmorgle

SoundCup – “Memories We Make” / “Chase” Feat. Schmorgle – Singles Review

Well now…this collaboration needs to continue…

The only thing I’m missing is the story between then & now…cause ya don’t just get THIS good overnight – I can promise you that.  Not unless SoundCup & Schmorgle are wishing upon stars that none of the rest of us have access to…

The best way I can put it to ya is there are songs where you take a moment or two, maybe even longer to consider, and really mull over whether or not you do or you don’t even like’em on those first couple spins…heck, sometimes they’re even supplied by your absolute favorite artists or bands from the mainstream, and what you hear STILL warrants a bit of the ol’ scrutiny.  This isn’t that…not at all, not remotely, not whatsoever…this is just about one of the most accessible sounds I’ve heard in years & years.  The opposite side of the coin of that scenario I’ve described is a collaboration or a cut that you can hear everything came together as perfectly as a moment in time truly can – and that’s IS what’s happening here – Schmorgle and SoundCup sound like they were absolutely meant to make music together.  The balance of strengths you’ll find here between the magic of the music and the radiant vocals that come with “Memories We Make” and “Chase” are no accident – this is what destiny sounds like when it becomes reality – and that’s the facts, Jack.  It’s like Owl City reached out to Adam Levine and said, “How would you sing this incredible song I’ve created with more heart & soul than I could put into it?  Because my music is clearly amazing, but I wish I could do more from the microphone…” – and poof…here we are, with an example of just how awesome a combination like that would seriously be.  So you get this like…good lord…it’s such a remarkably uplifting vibe that SoundCup creates…and then you get that extra layer of impeccable emotion and the expressive vocals of Schmorgle that give the whole song & sound new dimensions of contrast that also sound flawlessly suited for this whole vibe they’ve got goin’ on.  A thumbs-up doesn’t even come close to covering how I feel – these guys are amazing and they’ve stumbled right into the beginning of something dazzlingly special, charming, and relentlessly appealing…there might not be all that much music online at the moment, but what’s out there already is beyond excellent & clearly confirms these dudes are nothing but genuine professionals ready to level up.  Their monikers might be a lil’ strange, sure – but make no mistake – SoundCup & Schmorgle should be household names with the amount of talent you’ll hear in the songwriting & execution of these two tunes in review here.

Addictive don’t even cover it folks – I’m loving what I hear in this collaboration, 100%.  I started out personally by listening to “Memories We Make,” and I mean, if I’m being honest with ya, I could tell by the tone of the digital piano tones in mere seconds that I was likely gonna love what I found here.  Crystal clarity, clever structure & build of the song’s design…you get instantly charmed by Schmorgle’s stunning vocals just as much as you’ll be impressed with the music – and hearing these two slide right into the strengths of the main chorus hooks was smoother than smooth.  They deliver the payload your ears are looking for, generating a combination of sweet sincerity & sensational sound that hits the mark as on-point as you can conceive – and in the process, leave you with memorable hooks you know will hold up strong over time.  Like I was tellin’ ya from the get-go here in this review – sometimes you just know things are completely right & tight as tight can be when you hear them, and “Memories We Make” is one of those spectacular moments where the sensory sound you discover instantly lands & connects.  Soulful vocals, emotionally insightful theme, and music that echoes the sentiment & spirit fueling the words with professional precision – essentially, there’s nothing about “Memories We Make” that could keep it off my playlist over here, and I can pretty much guarantee that’s a feeling that’ll be universal between us all.  Fantastic beat & energy…the transition between verse & chorus is as fluid as ever and ramps up the song to that next level you wanna hear…there’s simply not a thing I’d remotely change about what this collaboration between SoundCup and Schmorgle have come up with – this is perfect.

I maintain…we need to know the story on how these dudes became this legendary, this early on into their careers…Schmorgle & SoundCup are straight-up superhuman.  “Chase” is arguably built somehow on even MORE accessible vibes than “Memories We Make” was, which is quite honestly, really sayin’ something at this point, because I don’t think they can lose with either of these tunes or a sound as stellar as what they’ve got goin’ on in either scenario.  “Chase” is a bit more chill, a bit more laid-back & dreamy by comparison I suppose…ultimately I’d probably tell ya that “Memories We Make” has a bolder hook to it that might make more of an impact, but this second cut seems to have an even broader appeal to it through more subtle means.  I mean…to me, what we’re hearing is a pairing that is pretty much right outta this world; I’m sure Schmorgle on his own is likely spectacular and SoundCup too – but when you hear the magic they’re capable of combined together, it’s right up there with the best of what’s out there in any corner of this music scene we share, or whatever’s on your playlist right NOW.  The most you’d find me conceding to ya is that I probably like “Memories We Make” by just a fraction of a degree more, but that’s all based on personal preference and not an indication they could have done a single thing any better than they have – these two have done everything RIGHT and I think they’d be insane to not continue down this path of collaboration they’ve started up here.  It takes years & years for bands & artists to develop, refine, and evolve into a sound as smooth, inviting, welcoming, and fully accessible as what you’ll hear between Schmorgle & SoundCup – quite simply, this collaboration HAS to continue.

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