Month: <span>October 2020</span>

Crystal Oshana – “Dad” Feat. Jay Oshana

This would be one of those moments you probably wanna have the Kleenex close by for. Sadly, the inspiration behind this tributary track is the result of the passing of Crystal & Jay’s own dad, the legendary family man Tidors Oshana, earlier on in what’s already been an extraordinarily difficult year in 2020.  Together, in […]Read More

Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo – “My Happy Place”

Love the enthusiasm, passion, color, culture, and all-around effort here from Lovince Mckenzie & ChuMilo on this collaborative new cut called “My Happy Place.”  Sparkling with highly stylistic Afro Pop sound that shines bright enough to reach our Canadian pages & the attention of the world all the way from their home-base in Nairobi, Kenya […]Read More

Eiza Murphy – “Black Hole”

Eiza Murphy – “Black Hole” – Single Review Eiza, you had me at hello. Every so often, that rare artist comes along that truly stands out like the proverbial diamond in the rough – and I fully believe that’s what you’re in store for when you experience what artist Eiza Murphy drops online with her […]Read More

Sofi Maeda – “Ashita”

Alrighty folks…if you tuned into the SBS Podcast yesterday, you were expecting this post at our page here at the homepage today as we continue to dive into the music of artist Sofi Maeda.  We played her stellar new single “Ashita” on the show, and then I ranted & raved about her a whole bunch […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 136

Brennan Sinclair headlines this week’s episode with a set from round 2 of the battle of the bands put on by CIVL Radio back in 2015, and this show also features a bonus live vid from Filthy Little Thieves from back in the day, outside at SBS! To find out more about how to become […]Read More

SBS Podcast 104

Back in action early in October with full set of audio awesomeness and all kinds of info on the independent scene in-store for ya!  We’ll be featuring cuts from Sofi Maeda, Isaac M, and Halloween Hopes, and of course we’ll be spinning a whole bunch more music for you along the way, including incredible songs […]Read More

Ian Byarm – “City Lights”

Ayyyyyyyyyyy yo!  Milestone achieved…level unlocked…vibe mechanic Ian Byarm has just hit his tenth official single posted up online in just around a year…and don’t go forgetting to include the two EPs (Stargaze/Lost Souls) he’s released as well during that same very time-frame – he’s been puttin’ in the work!  Safe to say the last 365 […]Read More

Halloween Hopes – “Cutting Off The Branch” Feat. James &

And here I was expecting something that was built for October with spooky ghosts & goblins & all that…as it turns out, according to legend, Halloween Hopes got its name from chilling out with Steve and recording some tunes on the 31st back in 2018.  Well done whoever Steve is!  You probably didn’t know it […]Read More

Isaac M – “Tropical Relaxation”

With an entire ocean’s worth of stunning island vibes, brilliant ambient nature sounds, and blissful instrumental music, artist Isaac M makes a strong impact through the subtle & delicate, inviting & compelling mix of imagination & expressive ideas to be found in the nine & a half-minutes of his single “Tropical Relaxation.”  Featured on his […]Read More

Simple Stone – “THE SICKNESS”

I mean…I can’t say that every person’s YouTube auto-play function kicks as much ass as mine tends to, but every time this new video from Australia’s Simple Stone finishes playing, it tries to send me to the Deftones next…I figure that’s gotta be some algorithmic approval, or at least cosmic confirmation of the fact that […]Read More