Isaac M – “Tropical Relaxation”

 Isaac M – “Tropical Relaxation”

With an entire ocean’s worth of stunning island vibes, brilliant ambient nature sounds, and blissful instrumental music, artist Isaac M makes a strong impact through the subtle & delicate, inviting & compelling mix of imagination & expressive ideas to be found in the nine & a half-minutes of his single “Tropical Relaxation.”  Featured on his brand-new record called Calming & Relaxing Music, you can count on Isaac M to deliver on what he’s promising throughout the extraordinarily mesmerizing & beautiful sounds flowing through “Tropical Relaxation” – and based on this one immaculately versatile track alone, you can tell you’ll find a whole lot more to like & love on his latest album.  In fact – we’ll be spinning an entirely different tune from the same record by Isaac M on the very next episode of the SBS Podcast to give you even more of a sample of what this artist is capable of, so be sure to tune in for that this week!  I’m extremely excited to tell you a whole lot more about him in the upcoming show – but until that wonderful moment in time comes along, enjoy THIS wonderful moment in time, and check out the truly captivating collage of colorful sounds, heartfelt emotion, and true uniqueness in the music of Isaac M through his single “Tropical Relaxation” below.  Kick those shoes off…leave those troubles of your 9-5 behind…take a moment for yourself, and listen – you’ll love what you find in the music of Isaac M.

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