Month: <span>October 2020</span>

Idle Vandals – “Oh Yeah”

“Lockdown Garage Rock” all the way from Wellington, New Zealand you say?  Sign us up! Idle Vandals aren’t fucking around y’all – within two savage minutes of wall-to-wall energy, these guys crank it straight up to eleven and take you for a wild explosion of pure amped-up mayhem, leaving you zero time to catch your […]Read More

Hazhar Saleh

Official Press Release Hazhar Saleh Gets Set For International Superstardom! With the release of his groundbreaking album Hasti Namoyi in 2012, Kurdish artist Hazhar Saleh burst onto the charts of the international music-scene with a sensationally versatile sound of his own unique design.  From that point forward, the years to follow would quickly become the […]Read More

Lonnie Dangerous – “#BlackMamba”

“Goin’ hard in the paint” – yessir! Lonnie Dangerous is here to keep ya entertained with a solid single built on loose vibes and good times, ready to combine doses of humor with insightful social commentary on his latest cut “#BlackMamba.”  Complete with a stellar vid shot by the one & only LewisYouNasty to support […]Read More

Jake George – Clear View

Jake George – Clear View – Album Review Talk about wasting no time at all!  Quickly reminding us it’s great to have Aussie artist Jake George back in the mix, the shimmering psychedelic vibes instantly starting up his new album Clear View begin from the very first split-second you’ll hear on “Discover.”  I referred to […]Read More


A stellar dose of supreme sound & an ultra-slick video to go along with it?  Sign us up BROCK, we’re into it! Startin’ to feel spoiled in October, we’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a bunch of killer new artists & projects bursting onto the scene late this year, and you can definitely […]Read More

Nolan Trotter – “Honey, Do!”

This dude has got himself one seriously bright future ahead of him. As far as I’ve read & researched myself, Nolan Trotter is still just sixteen years old – and he already sounds like a full-on veteran of the music-scene!  Loving what I see in the colorfully stylistic retro look to the new video he’s […]Read More

SBS Podcast 105

When we say it’s awesome, we bring the receipts with us to prove it!  Proof Of Purchase is back on the SBS Podcast, with all the incredible tunes we plundered from the recent Bandcamp Friday special from last month – check out what we reaped from the harvest for Volume 6 of this series of […]Read More

South$ide Smoove – “Five Star Frog Splash”

It literally does not get any Smoover than this! And did he just say what I think he said? “Hard dick put you in a wheelchair?”  I heard this correctly, yes? In just two-minutes & forty-five seconds, believe me when I tell ya, South$ide Smoove has put in so many incredible lines into his bars […]Read More

Dari – “Come To Me P2”

If you think that the flashy sound, massively catchy hooks, and stylistically slick music flowing throughout this single “Come To Me P2” make a memorable impact on ya, just you wait until you watch the video and see Dari stare straight down the barrel of the camera to confidently beam out the Blue Steel atcha […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 137

Check out the concert that sparked the blaze of inspiration behind SBS jumping back into the independent scene catching live shows throughout the years to follow!  The Pit storm & stomp their way all over The Media Club – and we unearthed some savagely raw footage from CRNKSHFT who opened the show that night, just […]Read More