Month: <span>October 2020</span>

Galliano Sommavilla – One Song #2

Galliano Sommavilla – One Song #2 – Single Review The real question is folks, if I write as long as a Harry Potter novel in these reviews, is that my fault, or yours?  What would you say there Galliano my friend? Because I’d tell ya it’s inspiring to be inspired…that applies to him, that applies […]Read More


“If you build it, they will come!” That age old wisdom is true of both this song and of BROCK‘s growing catalog of tunes gaining momentum out there in the world when it comes right down to it.  “DAMARO” has the Electro enthusiast back in action for the fifth time on our pages this month […]Read More

Erik Odsell – “Human”

Erik Odsell – “Human” – Single Review Wow! How on earth did two & a half years fly by like that Erik? It should tell us all something that an artist can go such a significant length of time away, yet still feel like they’re right at the forefront of my mind when it comes […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Winner Takes All”

With the rubbery bounce & live-wire spark of Punk/Pop/Alt energy the man has built his reputation on, Trey Wonder returns to our pages with a brand-new single/video for his cut “Winner Takes All!” Ever the fan of the inexplicable & the bizarre combined, Trey’s latest clip show style of video is also 100% in-line & […]Read More

Pale Vision – “Life Is A Game”

Official Press Release Pale Vision’s Debut Single “Life Is A Game” Is Online Everywhere & Available Worldwide 10/30/2020! Faithfully taking music back to its analog roots and insightfully musing on the many twists & turns of life, Pale Vision has officially arrived on the scene with metaphorical lyricism, vibrant instrumentation, and a stellar debut single […]Read More

TAO SHU – “Pajamas”

TAO SHU – “Pajamas” – Music Video Release/Review “My generation’s woke, but we still in our pajamas” – that’s truth direct from TAO SHU right there for ya. Talent is a great thing.  Great songs, even better. TAO SHU’s got both when it comes right down to it…you’d never catch us arguing against that after […]Read More

Kilo House – The Witching Hour

Kilo House – The Witching Hour – EP Review If you’re a regular reader of these pages of ours, you’re familiar with the fact that I’ve usually got a whole long winding intro to most of these reviews where I’ll tell ya a little bit about the artist or band behind the music before I […]Read More

Joho – Space City Serenade

Joho – Space City Serenade – Album Review “J…O…H…O!” – if you listen close, you’ll hear me chantin’ that out along with the crowd spellin’ out his name in the background of his first cut on Space City Serenade called “Joho’s Anthem.”  As to the reason why that is, it’s simple really – Joho is […]Read More

SFP.Band – “Yearning”

It was just a couple weeks back that we were introduced to the cutting edge sound of SFP.Band in posting up a killer clip from the single/video for “Falling” – and here we are with another hot sample for ya from a new upcoming cut already called “Yearning” for you to dig into!  Surging with […]Read More

Follow The Buzzards – “What You Want”

Follow The Buzzards – “What You Want” – Single Review I’m drinkin’ the Kool-aid today folks, don’t mind me… Praise the lord & pass the ammo, Follow The Buzzards are amped-up & ready to ROCK with a brand-new single called “What You Want,” full video support to go along with it, a recent new deal […]Read More