Crystal Oshana – “Dad” Feat. Jay Oshana

 Crystal Oshana – “Dad” Feat. Jay Oshana

This would be one of those moments you probably wanna have the Kleenex close by for.

Sadly, the inspiration behind this tributary track is the result of the passing of Crystal & Jay’s own dad, the legendary family man Tidors Oshana, earlier on in what’s already been an extraordinarily difficult year in 2020.  Together, in a true display of unity that would make any father proud, Crystal & Jay combine their talents for cathartic purposes in a sincere effort to sing out the pain, to heal, and to remember.  The melancholy vibes are highly justified; but for what it’s worth, there’s a ton of appealing melody in this heartbreaking tune to be found as well – sure it’s not going to be the happiest song you’ll hear this year & nor should it be – but it does sound great, despite the shroud of sadness & pain expressed through the emotion, mood, lyrics, and vocals on “Dad.”  For anyone out there that’s ever lost a family member or someone they loved…you’ll recognize the genuine anguish that Crystal & Jay have shared in losing their father, and you’ll witness their strength in collaborating together for the very first time in sincere effort to use the special bond between them to the advantage of the healing process.  And while the song itself is loaded with heavy emotions to begin with, it becomes the video for “Dad” that puts this whole experience on another level entirely; it’s watching this beautiful family interacting together through its brilliant blend of nostalgic personal footage from their childhood and Tidors’ life that drives home just how much he was loved, and just how much they have lost.  I think it takes a ton of heart & a ton of courage to make a video & single like this, and I commend this sister & brother duo for finding a way to accomplish what would have been an incredible challenge, despite all the best of intentions; it’s far from easy to make a song like “Dad,” and they’ve done an excellent job in making this experience real for all of us listening & watching.  You see the joy, you feel the pain, you empathize with the two artists as they sing it, and you can’t help but admire the man that you see onscreen & feel like you got to know a little bit about Tidors and the joy he so clearly brought to this world.  Our sincerest condolences go out to the whole Oshana family – rest in peace Tidors.

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