Month: <span>May 2019</span>

The Two’s – “Lullaby”

The Two’s – “Lullaby” – Single Review Love it.  The Two’s are standing on completely solid ground with this single. Based out of New Orleans, the duo of Ruby Rendrag & Suki Kuehn fully prove that a band of two can have everything you need to successfully compete for the top-spot honors of your playlists […]Read More

Prince Casanova & Encorejay – “Baby Let’s Party”

Settin’ the party off RIGHT – and quickly for that matter!  Prince Casanova & Encorejay pair-up to combine forces on the mic & pop bottles throughout the new single/video for “Baby Let’s Party” – keepin’ the entertainment flowin’ just as consistently as the drinks do.  Wild vid for this joint!  Tons of paper-stacks, beautiful bodies, […]Read More

Klef Mikaydo – “My System”

Klef Mikaydo – “My System” – Single Review Hey!  Synchronicity dear readers, dear friends – we were just spinning a cut from Klef Mikaydo last month on the SBS Podcast when we played one of his 2018 singles that we reviewed here at the pages, called “Purple Clouds” on our show – and then just […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Revisions & Remasters:  Volume 1

Glenn Murawski – Revisions & Remasters:  Volume 1 – Album Review Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Hold up here.  I might have to call Glenn out for a second. I was certain my notes here said this dude was a ‘novice’ when it came to making music.  After seeing like, seven some-odd official releases online and a career dating […]Read More

Jim & Me – Songs The Cat Marcel & I

Jim & Me – Songs The Cat Marcel & I Recorded On Various Smartphones – Album Review + Bonus! So…ummm…yeah… I better skimp on how often I write the title of this record down or this review will write itself – this record has visual GIRTH before you even crack into it!  What a title!  […]Read More

WinstonW – “1984”

“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength” – George Orwell, 1984. Just so happens that each of those sections separated by the commas in that quote also became the fuel for the inspiration of WinstonW’s trilogy of records, War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and his latest release to finish the set, Ignorance […]Read More

Ankur – Intermission

Ankur – Intermission – EP Review STOKED to have this dude back on our pages!  Last time around, Ankur supplied our speakers with an inspired set of tunes on his Shades EP & gave us every indication that quality, creativity, and innovation would continue to reign supreme throughout the music he might make in the […]Read More

Marko – “Il Divague” / “One’s Heart”

Brand-new tunes from Marko are out and available now!  These two you’ll find below for his new singles “Il Divague” and “One’s Heart” are fresh from the very beginning of this month, released at the beginning of May for you all to enjoy.  Full of colorful vibes, heartfelt melodies, and clear passion – Marko takes […]Read More

Ensemble Voyagers – Spotify Singles

Ensemble Voyagers – Spotify Singles – Singles Review Love it when something comes our way that I don’t typically hear each & every day in some form – Ensemble Voyagers come all the way from Italy with a multi-talented crew of musicians and a wealth of music that speaks to their exquisite uniqueness.  Though I’ve […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Quiet Voices”

Love Ghost – “Quiet Voices” – Single Review Right from the get-go back in August last year, in hearing Love Ghost for the first time through the killer song/video they put together for their single “Girl Pusher,” I’ve been a firm believer that this band finds their way to whatever they choose to define as […]Read More

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