Marko – “Il Divague” / “One’s Heart”

 Marko – “Il Divague” / “One’s Heart”

Brand-new tunes from Marko are out and available now!  These two you’ll find below for his new singles “Il Divague” and “One’s Heart” are fresh from the very beginning of this month, released at the beginning of May for you all to enjoy.  Full of colorful vibes, heartfelt melodies, and clear passion – Marko takes you into an laid-back & atmospheric vibe for “Il Divague” that builds into an expressive & uplifting chorus – and on “One’s Heart,” he’ll liven-up even more and get right into the rhythm & groove with wild synths & backing-vocals bursting brightly throughout the mix.  Start your morning up here with another solid cross-cultural experience in sound, provided by the enthusiasm & spark you’ll find in Marko’s music…dude’s clearly having a great time making his material, and that certainly shines through the way he plays these tunes.  Check out his latest cuts “Il Divague” and “One’s Heart” below!

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