Month: <span>May 2019</span>

Lounge Act Jam – Diabolical

Lounge Act Jam – Diabolical – Album Review Alright…so here’s where I’m at with Lounge Act Jam… You see words like ‘experimental,’ ‘bedroom’ and ‘alternative’ at the official Soundcloud page – and that ain’t wrong…that’s a pretty accurate assessment of what’s goin’ down here.  You get the experimental element through innovative approaches to these recordings […]Read More

Andrew Farstar – Hymns & Inspiration

Andrew Farstar – Hymns & Inspiration – Album Review I’ve had the opportunity & honor to check out a whole bunch of artist Andrew Farstar’s songs over these past couple years – most recently with a handful of his latest singles from earlier this month that we reviewed here at the homepage.  While I can […]Read More

Lucid Illusions – “No Directions”

Lucid Illusions – “No Directions” – Single Review With a quick two-count in, this three-piece out of Houston immediately take ya on one wild ride.  As to where you’re gonna end up…that might be another question entirely – there are “No Directions” here to follow other than this audible map of awesomeness from Lucid Illusions […]Read More

Ltronnika – “One Fine Day”

Here’s a fantastic way to start your morning – Ltronnika is here to make sure it all turns into “One Fine Day” for ya, with a perfectly smooth digital sound that has high-doses of blissfully warm vibes.  Absolutely LOVING what I hear in this single…Ltronnika has audibly rounded every corner and put an impressive amount […]Read More

Ras Bootin’ – “BAD BATCH”

Ras Bootin’ – “BAD BATCH” – Single Review No objections from me here…Ras Bootin’ definitely commits…and that’s exactly the ingredient required when it comes to a sound/style like this.  In that good-good evil vein of bombastic & riotous performance-minded & theatrically-inclined Manson-esque madness – a track like “BAD BATCH” aims to fill that current void […]Read More

Zachary Ryals – Singles

Zachary Ryals – Singles Review It doesn’t take more than ten seconds for one of Zachary Ryals’ latest singles called “Forward” to reveal the experimental & odd nature of this curious instrumental artist.  For myself personally, the bizarre textures of bendable sound & subtle way that “Forward” moves, definitely caught my attention; as minimalist in […]Read More

Vaughn Bannister – “Aquarius Love”

Respect! Props to this man right here – Vaughn Bannister takes on every role in his latest single/video for “Aquarius Love” – and you get to watch the magic happen right there onscreen from every angle.  For real – this is impressive stuff – Bannister’s clearly a jack of all trades and holds his own […]Read More

Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra – “And The

Captain Gravitone & The String Theory Orchestra – “And The Walls Have Ears” – Single Review So…ummmmmmm… Well I suppose the question is, Captain Gravitone, are the people ready for ya? Man I sure hope so.  I mean…I get it & all, there’s no doubt whatsoever that a style like this ensemble appeals to a […]Read More

Michael Lewis – “Love Somebody” Featuring Aymee Weir

100% THIS! Michael Lewis is busting out onto the worldwide stage from his home-base in London of the UK – and when you hear the spectacular single “Love Somebody” featuring the stunning vocals of Aymee Weir alongside him, you’ll know exactly why this guy’s star is completely on the rise right now.  Flawlessly smooth song […]Read More

United Statements Presents – Truth Hurts

United Statements Presents – Truth Hurts – Album Review If there’s a crew we’ve come to know pumps out quality rhythms & rhymes – it’s the posse of talent housed over there under the umbrella of United Statements.  Some of you regular readers will no doubt recognize one of these emcees by name from our […]Read More