Month: <span>May 2019</span>

Joni Baseball – “Just My Luck”

Perhaps the greatest comment ever comes along with this video/single from artist Joni Baseball…in his own way, he’s described the essence of this new video perfectly – it reads:  “I should be studying for finals.” I mean, hell, I’m sure he ain’t wrong – but who would want to do that when you could do […]Read More


Startin’ your day up with a cut that’ll cling to your bones y’all! Check out this all-around killer collaboration in full-effect – from the speakers to the screen, IMJO RED & A$TMYR bring their A-game to their new single “SCARY GHOSTS.”  With a HUGE assist from the VFX of FLAMEBOY to give this video the […]Read More

2000 Reviews!

Endless thank-yous to you all. 2000 Reviews!!! When this whole thing started nearly seven years ago, we weren’t even writing reviews yet…we didn’t even really have a website.  Like all things in life, SBS was built from the ground-up…piece by piece, bit by bit…and built to last.  Every song, record, artist, band, fan, and follower […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Revisions And Remasters:  Volume 2

Glenn Murawski – Revisions And Remasters:  Volume 2 – Album Review Been rad getting to know this guy’s music over these past couple weeks.  If you’ve been following along with the pages here lately at SBS, you’ll have seen the recent review on his Revisions And Remasters:  Volume 1 record from not too long ago…and […]Read More

L.A. NY – “Hold On”

L.A. NY – “Hold On” – Music Video Release/Review Consider me a BIG fan of this fine lady and extremely capable emcee right here – L.A. NY has the FIRE y’all – you can see it in her latest video where she’s rockin’ the EMG studio, and you can certainly hear it through the intensity […]Read More

Fitzsimon & Brogan – The Girl Who Shouted Love At

Fitzsimon & Brogan – The Girl Who Shouted Love At The Heart Of The World – Album Sampler/Singles Review Honestly I’m not entirely sure that I’ve run into a situation yet where the title of my review ended up tripping into the second line’s worth of text – there’s a lot of words in what’s […]Read More

Woven Green – “Lift It Up”

Woven Green – “Lift It Up” – Single Review Ohhhhhhhhhhh how to explain Woven Green to you all…where does a dude start? How about this…the effort they’ve clearly put into their new single “Lift It Up” and the passion they put on display certainly doesn’t warrant a negative review of any kind – but you […]Read More

Jamie Coon – “When We Were Young”

Jamie Coon – “When We Were Young” – Single Review Singer/songwriter Jamie Coon’s got a stunning new single out there right now…super impressed with what I hear in her soulful approach to “When We Were Young” – this is an absolutely beautiful tune. The kind where you instantly form an attachment to.  There’s a reason […]Read More

Dreamkillers – “Bad Juju”

OY!  IF YOU’RE NOT AWAKE YET THIS MORNING – YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE! Ready to let it rip with their own brand of Hard-Rock/Grunge/Alt/Metal mayhem & mischief – Brisbane Australia’s Dreamkillers combine controversial & shocking imagery with gritty & intense sound on their latest single/video, “Bad Juju.” You might think you’ve taken some strange elevator […]Read More

Todd Underwood – Color And Contrast

Todd Underwood – Color And Contrast – Album Review Todd is a true man of music…it’d be impossible for anyone to miss that.  Whether it’s through the sheer amount of songs, performances, and recordings he’s pumped out over the span of his thirty-five year career, or through a picture like he’s got up on his […]Read More

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