Month: <span>May 2019</span>

Atratune – “Day Goes By”/”After Midnight”

Atratune – “Day Goes By”/”After Midnight” – Singles Review As I pulled up the Soundcloud page for Atratune and began to listen to one of these new singles here in review, called “Day Goes By,” I couldn’t help but feel someone already beat me to the main point I’d be making while I looked over […]Read More

0210 – Nixie Album IV

Awesome to see that this crew has been back out there in the music-scene lately!  Nixie – Vancouver NEEDS you out there onstage!  Absolutely one of our favorite interview sessions still to this day…we had an awesome time talking with the ladies of Nixie; they’re all killer musicians and completely rad people.  Enjoy a final […]Read More

Pioneer – “Dinero”

Pioneer – “Dinero” – Single Review Before we get to far into here, let me confirm it for ya, yep – it’s about what you think it is. If the quote from Robert DeNiro on the cover of this single at Soundcloud didn’t already give it away, the write-up that comes along with it would […]Read More

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