Month: <span>May 2019</span>

Andrew Farstar – Spotify Singles

Andrew Farstar – Spotify Singles – Singles Review Got a handful of some of the latest cuts from Andrew Farstar here in review today – it’s been a while!  Not too long…we’ve had him on these pages a couple times over the past years in review – and from what I can see out there […]Read More

newkidsdj – “Serene”

newkidsdj – “Serene” – Music Video Release/Review As we promised ya on the last episode of our show SBS Live This Week, we’re back with a whole bunch more info on what’s up with newkidsdj after introducing you (and ourselves!) to the music for the first time when we spun the video for the single […]Read More

Shambhu – “Lilac Skies”

Shambhu – “Lilac Skies” – Single Review This talented Jazz guitarist has already lived quite the life and had some extraordinary opportunities come his way throughout his adventures.  Like say, take where it all began…you know, back in the day when he was growing up with guitar players that became celebrated & world-renowned talents like […]Read More

LouionTen – “Son Of God”

LouionTen – “Son Of God” – Single Review Word on the street is that this homie is just startin’ out on the m-i-c. I tell ya…were it not for the behind the scenes details that come up on this screen…I would never have known when it comes to LouionTen…dude’s bustin’ out strong like a full-on […]Read More

Katy Vernon – “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)”

Katy Vernon – “In Your Shoes (For Daisy)” – Single Review I loved reading this description of Katy from her social-media pages…very first line that caught my eye read:  “Ukulele Songbird – Singer of sad songs on a happy instrument.”  I’m all about it – embrace those sad-happy tunes Katy, people like me look forward […]Read More

Tabitha Elkins – Love + Death

Tabitha Elkins – Love + Death – Album Review As I’ve commented here on our pages many, many times throughout the years – you’re all the superheroes of our universe here at SBS.  Yes, YOU – the creative-types…the amazing artists…the incredible bands we’ve had the pleasure of listening to over the years – YOU pump […]Read More

Foz Sharoni – Feel Special!

Foz Sharoni – Feel Special! – EP Review This much I know…if you spot both Frank Ocean and Animal Collective in the same list of hashtags applied to an artist, band, song, or album – it’s pretty safe to say you’re in for a fully diverse experience in sound & style that could lead to […]Read More

Ryan Klem – “Out Of Sync”

Ryan Klem – “Out Of Sync” – Single Review Eclectic Klem, back up on our pages for the third time this year already!  Well done sir, well done.  Always awesome to see & hear the music flowin’ and the inspiration on-high…though I’d surmise that there’s probably not too many points in life where you could […]Read More

Pagan Interface – The Last Days Of Everything

Pagan Interface – The Last Days Of Everything – Album Review Kinda like what I might imagine taking three of my own favorites from the electro circuit like Boards Of Canada, Prefuse 73, and a pinch of good ol’ Aphex Twin-inspired mayhem & mischief for good measure – somewhere in a recipe like that, you […]Read More

Phantom Phunk – “Memory’s A Ghost”

Phantom Phunk – “Memory’s A Ghost” – Single Review Bon voyage Phantom Phunk & merry travels to ya!  They’re heading out a tour through the South East of the good ol’ USA over these next couple weeks – so heads UP – they might be playing your town next!  I’m not usually one for putting […]Read More

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