Month: <span>March 2019</span>

Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer – “Till I Flow Dumb

Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer – “Till I Flow Dumb (Live)” – Single Review If you tuned in to the recent episode of the SBS Podcast from this past twenty-four hours or so, you’re well familiar with the name Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer by now!  We played three of his cuts on the show […]Read More

Silas Luster – “Moldamensions”

Silas Luster – “Moldamensions” – Single Review Dig this homies.  I mean, I do – and I have no idea what “Moldamensions” means! I just know what I like, that’s it, that’s all. I have the feeling that Silas Luster is goin’ after a different piece of the pie when it comes to the Rap […]Read More

Lana Laws – Kalasin

Lana Laws – Kalasin – Album Review Really kickass record from Lana Laws with a whole orchestral/metal riot goin’ on that presents impressive melodies and complex compositions as one.  Neat to read the details & story behind Kalasin as well…Lana records & composes at the same time, essentially ensuring the uniqueness of each song by […]Read More

SBS Podcast 065

Welcome to our guest – Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer! We dive deep into the music & mindset of Fabp AKA Fabpz The Freelancer in a special interview episode, feature some of his latest cuts of course…and we might just have a lil’ somethin’ extra for ya in this episode as well – you KNOW […]Read More

Jonah Kue – “Brendan” Featuring Play Stay Shawn

Jonah Kue – “Brendan” Featuring Play Stay Shawn – Single Review “Ball so hard that I’m hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.”  Well now.  That’s quite the claim homie – word up! Jonah Kue knows how to write clever lines, ain’t no doubt about that…he flexes melodic lines & adds in doses of pop-culture throughout the words […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 109

The first of two back-to-back appearances from HEAD live at Studio in Vancouver that took place at the end of 2015 & beginning of 2016 before we made the massive trek to relocate across Canada – come check out the latest set out of the vault on our First Five Years series on SBS Live […]Read More

Aaron Hart – Valentine

Aaron Hart – Valentine – EP Review You get two guesses as to when the official release date for this EP occurred this year but that’s it. Aaron Hart, taking a minute or two outside of his main project in the Denver-based Glam Rock band Love Stallion, hauled out a set of three heartfelt solo […]Read More

Our Echoes Scream – “The Dreamer”

Seriously killer combo from Tokyo, Japan’s own Our Echoes Scream – their wicked electro/industrial sound makes for an absolutely gripping pairing with the intense visuals in the brand-new video supporting the new single “The Dreamer.”  Not even remotely kidding y’all – you gotta check this out to witness the awesomeness onscreen and through your speakers […]Read More

Closer – “New Wave Cult Sanctuary”

These fantastic, slick & sly, noise-rock motherfuckers! Closer is BACK and sounding like they’re ready to melt your speakers with their new single “New Wave Cult Sanctuary” and melt your brain with the new video to support it!  I’ve been waiting for this day to come for some time now – as I’d imagine many […]Read More

Aaron Cabott Jones – “Just Like The Weather”

Aaron Cabott Jones – “Just Like The Weather” – Single Review Sly stuff Mr. Aaron Cabott Jones, very sly. I mean, how’s a guy supposed to resist the slick groove that runs through his new single “Just Like The Weather?”  HOW? Last time we ran into Aaron was in February of last year with the […]Read More

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