Month: <span>March 2019</span>

Imani Wj Wright – “So I Thought”

Imani Wj Wright – “So I Thought” – Single Review Y’all not still sleepin’ on this man right?  Imani?  Imani Wj Wright? Yeah, you know the name.  I mean, you must by now.  I’m sure we must’ve featured this man up at our pages a half-dozen or more times since we first checked his music […]Read More

Bombay Masked e- Fiddler – “Common Man” / “Live Set

Bombay Masked e- Fiddler – “Common Man” / “Live Set At Shado Room” Anyone that knows anything about me knows I’ve got all the time in the world for something like this.  Psychedelic electro and fiddle combined into incredible live experiences and incredibly unique music?  Where do I sign and how do I get tickets […]Read More

Kane James – “Don’t Be Like Me”

Get ready to bounce to this y’all. Pop some bottles and smoke a few blunts with Kane James on the mic and his new single/video for “Don’t Be Like Me” – this man’s got seriously intense bars.  While a lot of his lyrics and onscreen antics might play like more of a warning of sorts, […]Read More

TWO MIXS – Separate Checks

TWO MIXS – Separate Checks – Album Review I made this comment when I was checking out a few tunes leading up to this official record by TWO MIXS in the past review:  “…it seems like there’s an island influence, or at least a vacation-like atmosphere that runs through the spirit of these tunes.” As […]Read More

SBS Podcast 064

We’re back with another killer set of independent tunes for ya! We’ll give you a whole bunch of reasons to be excited about this year throughout the episode, make some time to discuss the music of Love Ghost and Gonetcha – we’ll and play amazing cuts from Acharya, The Twelve AM, Tough On Fridays, Closer, […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Mr. Blue”

Love Ghost – “Mr. Blue” – Single Review Happy release day Love Ghost! What did I tell ya?  Back in August of last year, we checked out one of the main singles & videos from Love Ghost’s album Lobotomy, a cut called “Girl Pusher” – and I noted then, as I will again now, that […]Read More

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