Month: <span>March 2019</span>

Soul Recruiter – “A Better Way” Featuring Nichole Turner &

Soul Recruiter – “A Better Way” Featuring Nichole Turner & NoahSoundz – Single Review No better day than Sunday to drop some new Soul Recruiter up on ya! Y’all know this name by now…we’ve been featuring this faith-based project in review over the past year or so, from the early days all the way back […]Read More

Wallace Rahming – Life Cycles

Wallace Rahming – Life Cycles – Album Review Dig the mystic sound to the opening and the way Wallace has got a set of wise words coming at you instantly on “Prologue” – a short but effective intro into Life Cycles that’ll tell ya much about what you’re about to experience in words, and present […]Read More

Dazor – “All Night”

Dazor – “All Night” – Single Review Man these guys SCORCH! I can only hope that you guys aren’t sleepin’ on Dazor…I’ve ranted, I’ve raved, I’m screamed, I’ve shouted…they were even nominated in our top-ten list at the end of 2017 for the all-out wicked cuts on their Back To The Lounge EP…but perhaps until […]Read More

The Last Great Kings – Starry Eyed Kids Album Sampler

The Last Great Kings – Starry Eyed Kids Album Sampler – Singles Review I’m here to talk about a sample set of select tunes from this new record Starry Eyed Kids today…but make no mistake, even though it ain’t one I’m discussing here in review, right from the moment that “A Musical Thing (Intro)” on […]Read More

Ryan Klem – “Dried Up”

Ryan Klem – “Dried Up” – Single Review Hmmmmmmmmm!  Trying to decide how I feel about this new single from artist Ryan Klem… …ain’t gonna lie, it’s been tougher to assess that this time around than it has been in the past.  Definitely still positives here to be found in the DNA of “Dried Up” […]Read More

Matt Movin’ – Basic Instinctz Mixtape Sampler

Matt Movin’ – Basic Instinctz Mixtape Sampler – Singles Review Okay wait…is this what Chattanooga, Tennessee, sounds like these days?  Who knew? He might not be busting out of the part of the world you’d expect, but Matt Movin’ is indeed, makin’ moves with his career.  With a brand-new mixtape called Basic Instinctz out this […]Read More

Abby Berman – YouTube Singles

Abby Berman – YouTube Singles – Singles Review Abby Berman…Abby…lady-friend…how on earth is this my first experience with your music? I suppose there’s a chance that this is the case for a few of you out there reading as well…maybe you have yet to hear the name Abby Berman or any of her music…but I […]Read More

Ren Daversa – “Cut And Dried”

Ren Daversa – “Cut And Dried” – Single Review Will ya look at the artists/bands we have in common on this list from Ren Daversa’s social-media eh?  Right from the top three alone, I figured we’d be on solid ground for this review – Cold War Kids (First on this list!  Ren – I love […]Read More

RudySamA – Love You 2

RudySamA – Love You 2 – Album Review “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou Been doing this review thing for quite a while now homies…I ain’t gonna lie to ya, as consistently exciting as the independent music-scene always is and as much as it can inspire […]Read More

Sienná – “What Matters”

Sienná – “What Matters” – Single Review The prodigal daughter of all-things-MUSIC returns to our pages – Sienná is back with a STUNNING new single in 2019 called “What Matters.”  Chances are, if you’re reading this review, you’re well familiar with the name of this incredibly innovative artist and her masterful touch on Electro/Atmospheric tracks […]Read More