Jonah Kue – “Brendan” Featuring Play Stay Shawn

 Jonah Kue – “Brendan” Featuring Play Stay Shawn

Jonah Kue – “Brendan” Featuring Play Stay Shawn – Single Review

Ball so hard that I’m hangin’ with Mr. Cooper.”  Well now.  That’s quite the claim homie – word up!

Jonah Kue knows how to write clever lines, ain’t no doubt about that…he flexes melodic lines & adds in doses of pop-culture throughout the words on his latest single “Brendan,” featuring Play Stay Shawn in the mix.  Whichever way you look at it or listen to it, this single has multiple ways to pull you in from the lyrics to the music – and whether it’s Jonah Kue or Play Stay Shawn on the mic, you’re in for entertainment.

And dammit…as smooth & serious as it appears to be on the shimmering surface of sound this single pumps out…I mean…if you don’t chuckle a little bit or raise an eyebrow or two at LEAST in the process of listening, then you’re missing out on a ton of what’s being said.  The vibe is loose and the attitude throughout this whole track is wild’n’out without compromise…listen closely to these words and you’ll find a ton to keep you amused – and they start up immediately on “Brendan,” so pay attention y’all.  Jonah will bring you in to the main hooks and slide right into the melodic bars to follow, opening-up the new single with a versatile, hybrid style that has that modern-day R&B/Rap combo that’s relevant for the right here & now.  Even the SOUND of Play Stay Shawn’s first line brings a grin to my mug every time I listen – and then like, you factor in WHAT he’s sayin’ at the very beginning of his bars and it should damn near induce a laughing fit in listeners – that’s funny shit right there!  For real though…I mean, like…this dude’s swagger & style just freakin’ OOZES from the speakers – Jonah’s chosen wisely in this collaboration & picked up a huge assist with the spark that Play Stay Shawn brings to “Brendan.”  I’m not gonna pretend even remotely that I fully get what Jonah and Play Stay Shawn are singin’ & rappin’ about – there’s way too much grey in my beard for that – but the lines that I do catch that I can make sense out have an audible cleverness to them that shows this artist puts thought into the craft.  He might be serious, he might not be – that’s kind of the beauty of “Brendan” – you never really know; both artists take to their respective roles with a professional approach…and if these lines are makin’ them laugh too, they’re not about to let you in on that fact.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think Jonah Kue’s makin’ a solid play for complete comedy here – that’s not what I’m saying…there are several insightful points & lines in this cut along the way as well…all I’m sayin’ is that if we’re not supposed to chuckle at a few of these words in this adventure, then guys, I am SORRY, because I’ve definitely failed in that regard.  Jonah and Play Stay Shawn have been spittin’ out lines that, every single time this cut repeated, I found a new one that would make me laugh or draw me in to listen & try to figure it all out all over again.  With “Brendan” all sounding as smooth and slick as it does from beginning to end, music to microphone, there are no real complaints from me in taking several spins through this single to get in as many of these words as I can.  Like C’MON – every time Play Stay Shawn gets in to his “Sunday goals” – what am I supposed to do with those bars?  What?  That’s humor that’s direct & REAL AF – I loved it – and as it turns out, we’ve got many of the same goals…you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

The vibe is strong here…it’s every bit the “hot shit” that Jonah Kue will tell ya it is…it’s chill, but “Brendan” also has mad bite & true grit in the design of the lyrics – jokes or not, these lines hit their target and come out smooth, slick, & sly to support the fluid flow & addictive hooks in the music.  It’s fun, it’s relevant, and it’s still something that you could put on without feeling like you’re being consistently pitched jokes to…that’s what I love about the delivery from these two artists here on “Brendan” – they say something clever or designed to make you laugh, they move right on to the next line like it ain’t no thang at all, quite often leaving you with the ‘wait…whaaaaaat’ effect of ‘did they just say what I think they said?

Believe me – they probably did.  And you probably had a great time listening to’em as they said it.

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